Jennifer and Justin have pre-engagement rings! Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring?


Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to the gossip mills when it comes to her love life. After her divorce from Brad Pitt there have been rumours of engagements, but this one is somewhat different, according to some, there has even been speculation that the pair are planning to be wed before the year is over. Justin Theroux, who has been pegged as an eternal bachelor living the singletons dream in NYC, has seemingly done a 180 degrees turn in his life since his relationship with Jen began, only weeks ago. Although there have been some rumours that he may be experiencing a mid life crisis going from rugged / bearded to chic “leading man” practically overnight, others believe the two may have found what they were looking for. 

These engagement rumours are also different because Jen and Justin are wearing matching rings on important fingers that have been said to be “pre-engagement” rings. What on earth is that I hear you ask…? Well one can assume that it is something similar to the American “promise” ring that didn’t really take off over here. The idea being that the ring signifies a commitment but does not come with a wedding date attached. Although the idea is sweet, why not buy your partner a diamond engagement ring without setting a date! Alternatively, if you are not ready to make a commitment that big why not choose a beautiful diamond dress ring for your partner as it is a classic that will complement any outfit and been seen as a lovely gift. 

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