How do I find out my partners diamond ring size?


Looking for engagement rings doesn’t have to be tricky, once you know her size. One way in doing this could be to take one of her existing rings with you to the jewellers. If she removes a ring she wears regularly and you have the chance to take it without her noticing – go for it! This will hopefully make the decision of which diamond engagement rings to choose easier.
If she doesn’t remove one of her rings for a long period of time, maybe try taking it when she hasn’t noticed. All you have to do is press the ring in to a bar of soap or slip it onto your finger and mark where it stops at. These ways may not be accurate, but gives you an idea, and the jeweller will surely be able to help you find the perfect engagement rings with those ballpark sizes.
Try asking one of her friends or her mother. Women usually talk about the day when they will get to choose between a selection of diamond engagement rings, so it may be worthwhile asking. This is dependent on whether you want her friends and family knowing!
Another alternative is taking her with you when you go shopping. This way you will get the exact engagement ring size. It may not be the most passionate way to propose, but this way you will be able to find out her ring size without any fuss.
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