Kim Kardashian sets a trend with her princess cut diamond engagement ring


Just like all girls out there, Kim Kardashian has long dreamed of the perfect man, coupled with the perfect engagement ring. She has now got it, after receiving gorgeous diamond engagement rings from her partner Kris Humphries. A family friend created her ring, who is an Jewellery designer, who has also designed pieces for the stars. Diamond engagement rings come in several forms (diamond dress rings, handmade engagement rings), but Kim says she has opted for a classic piece.
Diamond engagement rings are perfect when they are handmade, just like Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring. At Mad About Diamonds we offer a selection of handmade engagement rings with the wow factor, surely to stand out just like Kim’s. No matter what style of engagement rings you are looking at, we are sure that we will have a perfect engagement ring for your partner.

If your partner would like to stand out, just like Kim Kardashian does with her engagement ring, diamond dress rings may be the rings to look at. Diamond dress rings are a statement piece, and look great on someone who likes a dramatic style.
Whereas if you are looking for something more like Kim Kardashian’s ring you may want to look at the range of princess cut diamond engagement rings from Mad About Diamonds. These rings are perfect for the partner who likes something simple yet sophisticated, that stands out from the crowd.

For more information on princess cut diamond engagement rings, or something more dramatic like the diamond dress rings look at our range of engagement rings on the Mad About Diamonds website.


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