Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the perfect option



Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for proposing to the one you love. They are the traditional style of fairy-tale engagement rings uk, due to their unpretentious but elegant style. When asked to draw a pretty ring, most small girls will opt to draw solitaire diamond engagement rings, as it is the classic shape of a ring with a gem. If you are looking for inspiration for a ring, then take a look at the numerous wedding websites. They often feature whole sections where brides to be show of their rings and detail the proposal. This is a great way to find out what contemporary women are looking for - from both a ring and a proposal!

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are particularly relevant as the word solitaire derives from the word solitary. In the literal construction of the ring this applies to the single diamond built in to the ring. It also symbolises the fact that the recipient of the ring is the solitary love of your life. Choosing a white gold engagement ring is another symbolic gesture regarding the importance of the recipient. Throughout history and the world, gold has been coveted as the metal of choice for jewellery.  White gold is an alloy of gold and another metal, typically nickel or palladium. 

No matter what style of engagement ring uk you are looking for, Mad About Diamonds will have a beautiful option just for you. Our selection is available in several metal options, including various white gold engagement rings.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings


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