Diamond engagement rings: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?


Diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of styles today ranging from the very plain solitaire diamond engagement rings, right up to the more elaborate multi stone and cluster style rings. One diamond engagement ring that was at the height of conversation in 2011 was of course Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond ring, the sapphire blue colour set off a new trend. Although highly desirable most ladies that are due to become engaged are hoping for a diamond, what about a blue diamond? Blue diamonds are extremely rare this is certainly reflected in their price.   Blue diamonds have been in the news this week as one recently found has been sold for a record breaking £300,000 per carat.

The company Petra Diamonds has achieved the highest price per carat of any rough diamond it has ever sold. The 4.8 carat blue stone was sold for $1.45m, (£920,000) or £300,000 a carat. The diamond itself was discovered in the company’s Cullinan mine in South Africa, from which a number of stones in the Crown Jewels were found. These include the Cullinan 1 and the Lesser Star of Africa, which can now be found in the Imperial State Crown, and the Star of Africa, which is found in the Sceptre.

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Posted by SMG