Diamond Engagement Rings: Coloured Diamonds Part 1


Diamond engagement rings are purchased in their millions every year all around the world and are available in a huge range of designs and styles including solitaire diamond engagement rings and princess cut diamond engagement rings. Classic diamond engagement rings are usually set with white diamonds but diamonds are available in a range of colours, coloured diamonds however are the most expensive and rarest stones on the planet.

Diamonds obtain their colour whilst forming underground; the colour of the diamond is dependent upon the type of mineral deposit that was around when the diamond was forming. Some stones have deeply intense colour others have just a trace of colour. Research has found that boron is the chemical element which is present when a blue diamond is formed, nitrogen when a yellow diamond is formed and uranium when a green diamond is formed. The more of the chemical present the stronger the colour of the final diamond. It is unknown exactly which chemical elements are present when red, pink and purple diamonds are formed.

The rarest coloured diamonds are red, only 20 diamonds have ever been certified as pure red that are over a carat in weight; the majority of red diamonds weigh less than half a carat. The world's largest red diamond is known as the Red Shield, and weighs 5.11 carats, compared with over 600 carats for the largest diamond of any kind. The order of rarity in diamond colour begins with red as being the rarest followed by purple,  orange, pink, black, green, blue, brown, yellow, with white being the most common and most popular.

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