Diamond Engagement Rings: Coloured Diamonds Part 2


As mentioned in Part 1 diamond engagement rings are highly sought after all around the world, as loved up couples confirm their commitment to each other with a diamond. The most common colour of diamonds is white, however diamonds are available is a range of colours.

One of the world’s rarest coloured diamonds is the pink diamond. The majority of pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine which is located in Western Australia. Not all diamonds from the Argyle mine are pink in colour, although the mine does produce 95% of the world’s pink diamonds. Of all of the stones that are discovered in the mine, less than one tenth of one percent is classified as being pink. However the pink diamonds from the Argyle mine are favoured because of the intense pink colour. Pink diamonds mined in other countries usually have a lighter pink tinge than those that come from the Argyle mine. 

Brown diamonds are also highly sought after, they are sometimes known as champagne, chocolate, and cognac diamonds due to their colour. These diamonds come in a variety of colours ranging from light tan shades to that of a deep cognac. There are also other coloured diamonds which are popular. Yellow diamonds can come in a range of colours from a pale, light yellow to a deep rich golden canary colour. The Argyle mine also produces some yellow diamonds.

Blue diamonds are also available in a range of shades, from light, pale blue through to deep, rich darker shades. The blue diamond can be an absolutely stunning steely blue colour that is similar to the colour of a sapphire. Green diamonds are also found in some diamond mines. However, the colour of green diamonds is usually not very intense. These diamonds are very rare indeed.

As with all diamonds the price of coloured diamonds depends upon the four C’s. Colour, clarity, cut, and carats determine the exact price of a coloured diamond. These are the same standards that white diamonds are measured by. However, with regards to coloured diamonds, when grading colour it is the strength and saturation of colours that command the higher value. This is contrary to white diamonds as colour in white diamonds is considered a flaw.

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