Diamond engagement rings. How will you propose this Christmas?


This time of year is one of the most popular times for couples to get engaged, as a reflection of this diamond engagement rings are selling like hot cakes all around the world. There is a magical romance at Christmas time and the turning of the New Year, at this time of year families and friends come together like no other time throughout the year. A ladies wedding proposal is a moment in her life that she is going to remember and cherish forever so you want it to be perfect. If you are planning on proposing to your girlfriend over the coming few weeks here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

One Christmas proposal idea is to hang the diamond engagement ring box like an ornament on the tree and when the last present has been opened acknowledge that there is one present left on the tree, let her find it and pop the question when she does. Another Christmas marriage proposal idea is to wrap the ring box inside successively larger boxes so that your girlfriend will think the present is very large to begin. As each layer is opened, the laughs will grow, when she is down to the last box get down on one knee. If your one for making grand gestures you could get creative with the Christmas lights, maybe spelling out the words ‘Will you marry me?’ or something of that description.

At Mad About Diamonds we can give you all a helping hand in choosing your perfect diamond engagement rings to fit the personality and style of your girlfriend. We have a huge range of rings to suit all, from the very simple, plain rings to the very elaborate and decorative. Princess cut diamond engagement rings have been very popular this season if you are looking to follow the current trends.

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