Diamond engagement rings: Love tastes like this?!



Diamond engagement rings are used in proposals all around the world and every individual has their own way of popping the big question, however over in America they seem to be taking proposals to some new extremes. An American bakery believes it has found the perfect way to ask your loved one to marry you. The shop Cupcakes Gourmet have been selling red velvet cupcakes decorated with thick icing and topped off with a diamond engagement rings, the shops motto is ‘Love tastes like this’ so the diamond topped cupcakes are actually quite fitting. These little sparkly cupcakes come at a price however, $55,000 – just over £35,000!!

Another company that has followed in similar footsteps is Pizza Hut, offering a cheaper alternative. Pizza Hut is offering a $10,010 (roughly £6,300) dinner boxes with (presumably) engagement rings, fireworks, flowers, limo and photographer all included. This package appears to be a publicity stunt, but further investigation into the seemingly outrageous package reveals that Pizza Hut Headquarters over in America have already been dealing with 800 serious inquiries all fighting over the 10 available packages.

If you are hoping to pop the big question to your loved one and are looking for suitable diamond engagement rings visit us at Mad About Diamonds. We have a huge range of rings for you to choose from including marquise engagement rings and also the very popular princess cut diamond engagement rings so there will most definitely be something to suit all no matter what your taste, no cake or pizza included though I’m afraid.



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