Diamond engagement rings stolen in England riots


The cost of the violence and vandalism across the UK was shown on Wednesday night when hospital admissions and arrests were added up. The people of the cities affected began clearing up the burnt-out vehicles and shopkeepers attempted to add up their losses in looted stock and broken premises. The riots are believed to have started after the shooting of suspected gangster Mark Duggan on Thursday. The violence led to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, cutting his holiday short in order to deal with the distress in the cities.

Many jewellery businesses were affected in Manchester and Bristol, with thousands of pounds worth of diamond engagement rings stolen. The scale of destruction has shocked shopkeepers into boarding up their shops in fear that the same destruction may happen again. In Bristol, the police have released dramatic footage of a jewellery shop being looted. A positive thing is that the alleged rioters have been caught on CCTV and their faces have been shown to the public in order for people to come forward and name and shame those stealing expensive diamond engagement rings from exclusive jewellery shops. Fortunately for Mad About Diamonds our business is purely online, therefore we haven’t been affected by the devastating riots that have spread across the UK.

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Posted by SMG