Diamond engagement rings: The Midas Touch!



Choosing diamond engagement rings is a difficult task for most men, the majority of men will opt to ask a friend or family member of their loved one to help them decide which ring would be best when popping the big question. This was not the case in Scotland this week as John Greenwood set himself an extra challenge, John spend months panning for gold in local rivers in the Highlands, over only 3 months he found a total of 34 grams, this had completely astonished experts in the gold panning area, experts believe that most gold panning enthusiasts can spend 30 years panning and get just a fraction of this. To collect this gold John simply used a gold pan, shovel, trowel and rake and spent hours in the chilly water between September and December, he believes he must have had beginners luck to get so much gold in such a short period of time.

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, from solitaire diamond engagement rings to multi stone diamond engagement rings which is what John opted for, John used 4 grams of the gold that he panned to create his girlfriends, 3 diamond Celtic band style ring which carries its own unique character. With 30 grams left over John has decided he will have the remaining gold made into the couple’s wedding bands for their big day.

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