Diamond Engagement Rings - Trends for 2012; Vintage (Part 1)


A buzz word around diamond engagement rings for 2012 is “Vintage”. Designers are looking back to decades long since passed in order to create their gems of the future. It seems that the idea is very much, why have one diamond or one stone when you can have lots!? At the moment trends are coming from all aspects of history with the Edwardian and Victorian influences as well as blasts from the elaborate Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

At this point you may simply be wondering what we mean by “Vintage” and how will this influence the diamond engagement rings trend? Put simply, a vintage ring can be a piece from almost any era that is more than several decades old, a 1960’s solitaire diamond engagement rings, can now be classed as a vintage piece, however true vintage would be from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. It is also possible for new pieces to take inspiration from vintage design and so the piece would have a vintage feel but can be made with the latest technologies and metals, this can be referred to as “new” vintage. Some of the more popular eras to take inspiration from or possess an engagement ring from are; Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco and Retro.

Items from the Georgian era typically include diamonds as well as coloured gemstones and the stones are smaller and multiple unlike the recent trend towards solitaire diamond engagement rings. Edwardian style tends to include more intricate detailing and lady-like style, including diamonds in fancy scroll and milgrain detail. Victorian vintage includes the use of multiple metals in a piece to create a layered look and multi-colour feel. The diamonds from this era are typically “old-min” cut, which is known today as antique cushion cut. Art Deco brings forward a geometric sleek style with defining lines, unusually complemented with black accents or colour stones. Retro vintage is the epitome of the big and bold style that encompassed the 1960s-1980s.

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