Diamond Engagement rings: Valentine’s Celebrations Around the World



Diamond engagement rings are purchased in there thousands on the run up to Valentine’s Day with individuals all around the world choosing the most romantic day of the year to pop the big question, we have already learnt in an earlier blog how we here in Britain traditionally celebrate Valentine’s Day, but how is it celebrated around the world? 

Many other European countries such as France and Spain also celebrate Valentine’s Day in the same as we do in the UK with flowers, chocolates, romantic meals and sometimes even diamond engagement rings. However in Wales many people celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen, the patron Saint of Welsh Lovers, which is celebrated on the 25th January instead of 14th February. In Latvia and Lithuania they have a very unique tradition; it is common for people to place stickers of their loved ones faces on to their own face and clothing. In Slovenia the meaning of Valentine’s Day is totally different which is interesting, 14th February marks the day when the work first starts in the fields and vineyards, it is celebrated by Slovenians by planting seeds. Part of the reason for this is that in Slovenia Saint Valentine is considered the First Saint of Spring.

In Brazil Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 12th June the day before Saint Anthony’s Day who is the Brazilian Saint of marriage, and on this day single females perform spiritual rituals in the belief that it will help them find good husbands, who will maybe propose to them with diamond engagement rings if they are lucky. On the other side of the globe, Japanese women give chocolates to men to celebrate Valentine’s Day, other gifts are very uncommon, Following this on 14th March, also known as White Day men then give chocolates to a women as a reply. This tradition is also followed in South Korea, however if you did not receive anything on 14th February or 14th March you should eat black noodles on 14th April to mourn your single life, this is also known as Black Day.

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