Celebrate your 60th anniversary with a beautiful diamond dress ring



In many countries wedding anniversaries are associated with a particular gift; however, these gifts vary by country. In the UK a first anniversary is celebrated with cotton but in the US the gift is a clock. Yet both countries recognise the diamond as the gift for celebrating a 60th Wedding anniversary. Mad About Diamonds is the perfect place to find a relevant gift, such as a striking diamond dress ring. 

After spending sixty years together, you will probably want you get your partner something special to mark the occasion. Remember back to sixty years previously and the effort put into choosing the perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring. Back then the design of handmade engagement rings was still heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement and as such pieces from this era tend to be more ornate than modern rings. Buying a modern diamond dress ring that will complement your wife’s need not be a chore at Mad About Diamonds. Our dress ring range includes both modern and traditionally styled pieces.

If you are just starting to look at handmade engagement rings, the thought of sixty years of marriage may seem like a long time away. However, choosing the right engagement ring may improve your chances of lasting that long!  There are many styles of rings to choose from including quirky marquise engagement rings and the feminine princess cut diamond engagement rings. Many people are now opting to include their prospective partner help choose the ring, in order to ensure that they get you the perfect piece. 

Diamond Dress Rings

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