Engagement Rings uk: Diamonds are the way to go


“I’ve been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
because my new diamond rings they're the s#*t
oh oh oh you’ve been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
because my new diamond rings,
they’re what’s in
and if you're looking at me,
you gon’ be looking at them
cause they're the swagger that you see in my walk
and if you're listenin' to me,
you gon’ be listenin' to them
cause they’re the slick that you hear in my talk” – Chipmunk: Diamond Rings.

As the extract above would suggest diamonds are the way to go when choosing rings for you or as a gift. At Mad About Diamonds, we are all about the world’s favourite gemstone, making quality engagement rings uk. While we specialise in creating beautiful handmade engagement rings, we also offer a range of diamond dress rings. Dress rings are perfect for adding glamour to any outfit and occasion. As the song suggests, when you wear diamonds you feel and look like a million dollars. Diamonds have achieved an iconic status over the centuries that humans have been coveting them. Initially the gems reflect light naturally, making them perfect for jewellery such as shoulder set diamond rings. Diamonds have developed a reputation for being the height of luxury and as such wearing them alludes to a status of higher living. Chipmunk’s song really captures this feeling that diamonds add something extra.

If you type “engagement rings uk” into Google images, the results show a page full of shoulder set engagement rings in a variety of different cuts. These cuts include the elegant and traditional princess cut and also the more exotic cut marquise engagement rings. While you can propose with any ring, if you want to make an impression, proposing with a diamond ring is the only way to go.

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