Diamond engagement rings will not be beaten even in this ever modernising world.


At a time where many people are trying to stay one step ahead of the curve in terms of fashion and showing off with the fact that they are trend setters not followers, one thing we can be certain of is that the diamond reigns supreme in terms of engagement rings. The diamond is not only a classic gemstone but its brilliance goes beyond looks as it has now become a symbol of love and commitment.

Despite the recent trend that sees the sapphire becoming a popular engagement stone of choice due to the ring Prince William gave Kate Middleton, it is possible to say that the diamond continues to hold the market share when it comes to the choice of stone for engagement rings. Whether it is as the main stone or as accompanying stones, such as in shoulder set form. Modern technology has also helped the diamond hold the crown for engagement ring stone of choice as it is available in such a variety of cuts. If you wanted to step away from a more traditional cut such as a round cut ring or a princess cut diamond engagement ring, then a shape like the marquise engagement ring could tempt you, or for ever more of a unique choice it is possible to find heart shaped diamonds.

At Mad About Diamonds we have a huge selection of diamond engagement rings to choose from, in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for more traditional round cut solitaire diamond engagement rings or an emerald cut or something a little different such as an oval cut engagement ring. As we are an online retailer only we are able to pass our savings on to you the customer, without sacrificing on service. For more information on our diamond engagement rings range please feel free to email us: info@madaboutdiamonds.com.


marquise engagement ring 

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