What are diamonds and why are they so impressive? Why should you choose diamond engagement rings?


Diamonds are a precious stone that predates the oldest known life on earth. They typically consist of a clear / colourless crystalline form of pure carbon. Carbon is the chemical element essential to all life and is the only compound, bar trace impurities, in a diamond. Diamonds are made of the most tightly bound crystalline configuration, making the diamond the hardest structure known to man. It is only possible to scratch a diamond with another diamond.

These beautiful stones are mined under varying extreme conditions, such as the icy Tundra of the North and the African deserts in the South because diamonds require very specific geological conditions in order to form. Diamonds were formed billions of years ago, buried deep within the earth. They formed due to the exposure of carbon-bearing materials to a high heat and enormous natural pressure. This occurs only in one place on Earth, in the layer known as the mantle, which is roughly 150 to 200 kms from the Earth’s surface.

Diamonds came to the surface in rare eruptions of magma / molten rock, this created a pipe like shape which are now known as kimberlites as they were first discovered in the South African town of Kimberley in the 1870s. A small number of diamonds survived this journey and an even smaller number are of gem quality.

We think you agree that the above is a pretty good reason why you should choose diamond engagement rings, what with is being such a mystical and beautiful stone as well as having a great history. Moreover, today a diamond can be shaped in many different ways, you may choose a princess cut diamond engagement ring, for example. Diamonds can also be styled in many ways; you could have a solitaire diamond engagement ring, or choose a shoulder set engagement ring. Diamonds also compliment any outfit and diamond dress rings are timeless pieces. At Mad About Diamonds we believe that a diamond is a great gift for any occasion. For more information or to talk to our experts, please call 0151 632 7747.

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