Handmade engagement rings: For the ultimate personal touch.


Handmade engagement rings are fabulous if you are looking for an individual beautiful engagement ring for your loved one. With handmade rings you are guaranteed the highest quality of workmanship and care taken to create the perfect ring. Many believe that handmade jewellery is superior as all of your special requirements can be met to suit you, the quality of the jewellery is also improved.

When you are browsing handmade engagement rings some of the choices you need to take into consideration are what precious metal you would like your setting to be designed in, what cut of diamond you would prefer, what size carat you require, as well as of course the size of ring your loved one wears, if you choose a handmade ring it is created in respect of these decisions rather than altered which can have an effect on the quality of your engagement ring.

Whether it is handmade engagement rings or a beautiful solitaire diamond engaement ring, Mad About Diamonds have a full range to suit all ladies with many different styles from extremely elaborate designs to the very classic princess cut diamond engagement rings. We only supply certified diamonds from one of the world’s top three Grading Laboratories, your purchase will be delivered along with the diamond certificate for your keeping, this acts as proof of the value of your diamond. At Mad About Diamonds we are a unique company as we handcraft all of our jewellery here in the UK, in our own workshop with quality controls, this allows us to ensure you are getting the highest quality products. for more informatin on our products and services, please contact our team on: info@madaboutdiamonds.com

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