Trends in handmade engagement rings


Styles of handmade engagement rings will always be influenced by the interests and culture of the person purchasing them. Take for example the rings of a couple of generations ago; they tend to be shoulder set engagement ring in the art deco style. While there are obviously always differences of personal preference, these rings are generally focused on one high quality round cut diamond with smaller diamonds on the arms.

While in modern times we have a plethora of choices when choosing a style of handmade engagement rings, we are still influenced by trends. Currently the most popular choice is the round cut then princess cut diamond engagement rings, however other cuts such as marquise and pear are also popular.

Current themes influencing handmade engagement rings at the moment are the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and the hugely popular Twilight saga of films. In early 2010 Prince William proposed to Catherine using his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The piece is a cluster ring with a huge sapphire as the focus, which is encircled by smaller diamonds. Stephanie Meyer’s ever popular Twilight saga is reaching the end of its film run. In the last film we saw Edward proposing to Bella with his mother’s stunning shoulder set engagement ring, dating back from the late 1800’s. This has seen a huge wave of popularity for both diamond dress rings and engagement rings in its likeness.  This is not a unique phenomenon, as the 2001 Lord of the Rings trilogy also sparked a wave of copycat rings.
For more information on diamond engagement ring styles or to build your own ring please follow this link: Mad About Diamonds.

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