Have you found your Mr Right and now you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring?



Looking for Mr Right can seem like an endless task for the singleton in search of love, and many people over the years have written and people continue to write about this quest. The journey to find love isn’t always smooth; there can be tears on the way but what about the tears of joy which come with a marriage proposal?

Many girls dream of the day that Mr Right proposes and so look forward to the romantic occasion for years before, but what of the ring? Many women today are happy to be a part of the decision process when it comes to which ring to choose. This can be either because they have such a specific ring in mind, maybe a round cut solitaire diamond engagement rings in platinum for example, then anything other than that may lead to disappointment. Moreover, you are guaranteed to get the sizing of a ring correct if you (the lady) are able to try it on then and there. 

Another reason why women are enjoying being a part of the process of choosing a ring is because there are such a variety of rings available, with different cuts and styles, such as a princess cut shoulder set white gold engagement ring for example. They do not know what type or style they prefer without the opportunity to look. So men, bear this in mind, women may not know what they want and so do not expect you to know or make the decision alone either. 

Mad About Diamonds have a great selection of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from with the added benefit of being solely an online retailer we are able to pass on our savings on to you the customer! To talk to our in house specialist please call 0151 632 7747.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings


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