Family heirloom engagement rings versus new engagement rings, what would you choose?


If there is a tradition in your family where you inherit engagement rings, then you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place when proposing.  Usually an heirloom engagement ring is something that has been treasured for a number of generations. However, what happens if you or your partner do not like the ring?

Then in this case you may be able to take the aspects from the heirloom ring that you do like and create your own handmade engagement ring. This then allows you to add your own touch whilst taking inspiration from your family heirloom and keep the tradition alive.

By creating your own handmade engagement ring you are able to update styles by changing the type of metal for example, from yellow gold to a white gold. Other ways of making changes to the ring would be to take the shape of the stones, such as an emerald cut, or a round cut but change for example the stone type maybe to diamonds from a sapphire.

There are many aspects to an engagement ring and so by custom making your own ring you have more control over the type of ring you as a couple want. Moreover, you will not offend family members by rejecting the heirloom ring, as you are using it as the foundation for your own engagement ring. 

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