Insurance for diamond engagement rings?



Diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are bought every year in their millions all around the world, however, this is not replicated in the number of jewellery insurance policies taken out by individuals, with gold and diamond prices rising over the last decade your precious jewellery may be worth more than you think. Recent research has found that a huge 68% of those with diamond engagement rings and wedding rings have never had them valued, so they may have their rings insured but it makes it difficult if your ring is lost or stolen to claim for the true value of the ring. 

How much exactly has the price of diamonds and gold risen by? The figures are actually quite shocking; the price of diamonds has risen by 9% on average in the last year and by a huge 44% in the past five years. Gold on the other hand has risen by 32% over the past year and an astounding 511% in the past decade. This means that the real value of a ring purchased over the past few years will have changed significantly from its original price and could be worth a great deal more than expected. In order to protect yourself from loss it is very important to get your diamond engagement rings valued regularly to ensure you do not lose out if your ring is damaged lost or stolen. Also make sure your ring is actually covered in your insurance policy, many believe that they will be able to claim on contents insurance, this is not always the case.

At Mad About Diamonds we have a huge range of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from including solitaire diamond engagement rings and shoulder set engagement rings, each diamond ring comes with a diamond certificate which can help you get the appropriate insurance cover. Being a Mad About Diamonds customer means that you can also benefit from great deals on your jewellery insurance through TH March, call us for more details 0151 625 8800.



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