The perfect princess cut diamond engagement rings for a Christmas proposal.


Are you planning to pop the question this Christmas? Then you will be looking at princess cut diamond engagement rings. The idea of proposing over the Christmas period is appealing to many, with visions of snow and snuggling besides fires, it’s not hard to see why. On a more practical note, if you propose at Christmas you can get married in summer. Taking this theory on, now would be the best time you purchase your princess cut diamond engagement rings, in order to spread the cost. Christmas proposals lend themselves to romantic flair, such as ice skating in Central Park. This combined with an elegant shoulder set engagement ring, can quickly add up. So, planning your Christmas proposal in November means that you can spread the cost. 

At Mad About Diamonds, we offer a range of princess cut diamond engagement rings in a variety of metals, so you can tailor your engagement ring to your needs.  We have a huge selection of various cuts of diamonds such as round, princess and marquise engagement rings. With this level of choice, you can pick a ring that will match your proposal setting. For example if you opt to propose in a grand hotel in Edinburgh, a marquise diamond will complement the grandeur of the setting. Conversely, a round cut diamond engagement ring is perfect for a fireside proposal. Picture the firelight being caught in the diamond’s facets as you open the box, she won’t be able to refuse. For more information on our rings or to talk to one of the team please call 0151 625 8800.

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