Royal Bride's Engagement Ring Worth Up to One Million Pounds!




We’re sorry to keep going on about it guys, but we’re in the business of beautiful diamond engagement rings and we have found some more juicy gossip about Kate Middleton’s beauty! Mad About Diamonds have a range of gorgeous diamond engagement rings much like the Queen-to-be’s so go and have a butchers!

Future Queen’s diamond engagement ring could be worth up to a million quid!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not your average couple as we know, this is probably the reason that the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that she has been given is worth nearly £1,000,000!

The ring is the same one that Prince Charles bought for Diana when they got engaged and at the time it cost a staggering £300,000. With today’s economy and the changes in the market that means the stunning piece of jewellery would fetch a near six-figure sum!

To put that into perspective, following the surge in diamond engagement ring sales this Valentine’s Day we have been able to calculate how much we mere mortals are spending on engagement rings. For the average British couple their ring will cost in the region of a modest £1,400.

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Posted by Charles Whitworth