Prince William will not wear a wedding band but Kate still sports a beautiful engagement ring


According to Palace Officials, Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding band following his marriage to Kate Middleton. According to these sources, ‘It is simply down to personal preference’.

Kate will be wearing a ring fashioned from a lump of Welsh gold already owned by the Royal Family, which will be given to her in the traditional way during the wedding ceremony on April 29th.

William’s personal preference does not come as a shock, as it is commonplace nowadays for men not to sport a wedding ring. The popularity of men wearing wedding rings has recently soared but there is still divided opinion on whether wearing one is obligatory or not.

Most modern day brides expect their husband to wear a wedding ring and not to wear one is mainly unheard of.

Although Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding ring, the wedding day and Kate’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring symbolises their marriage together.

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