Why choose white gold engagement rings?


If you are trying to decide which metal you would like for your diamond engagement ring, then look no further - this post will put forward the pros and cons of white gold engagement rings.

Typically when we think of gold, we think yellow; however there is a variety of colours available when it comes to gold. Topping the leader board as the second most popular colour is white gold. White gold is becoming renowned as an ideal complement for diamonds and so white gold engagement rings are becoming more and more sought after. Historically, white gold was made fashionable for jewellery purposes in the 1920’s as a more affordable alternative to platinum. White gold engagement rings, as well as wedding rings are especially prominent in jewellery from the art deco period.

What are the facts about white gold – the majority (if not all) of white gold is plated with rhodium, which is from the platinum family and is used to make white gold even whiter. The electro plating perfects the finish of the metal and conceals any stains or browning created by the alloying process. The plating can come off over time; however it is possible to have it replaced. White gold is easy to care for by using a soft cleaning cloth, but remember to store all yellow gold separately.

Platinum does have some advantages over white gold however, as it does not need the rhodium coating to make it brilliantly white, it is also hard wearing and will not need the maintenance that white gold potentially would. The main factor that puts people off platinum however, is the cost – white gold is a cheaper alternative.

At Mad About Diamonds we stock both platinum and white gold engagement rings and so you can chose by building your own ring which one you prefer the look of. We also offer an extensive choice of ring cuts, such as round cut or princess cut diamond engagement rings and style of ring whether you are looking for a shoulder set or solitaire diamond engagement rings. If you would like to speak to one of our experts please contact us as we are more than willing to help. 

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