83rd Academy Awards bring out the best in diamond jewellery



The 83rd Academy Awards, or the Oscars as they are more commonly known, predictably brought out the best in the world’s diamonds and gemstones. The best actresses on the globe modelled all sorts of jewellery, particularly diamond dress rings, many of which are available here at Mad About Diamonds.

Diamond dress rings out in force at the Oscars...

The ceremony, in which Colin Firth wiped the floor with his competitors following his performance in the King’s Speech, saw an array of cocktail rings, emerald jewellery and beautiful earrings as everybody dressed to impress. Again, many of the designs on display at the Oscars can be found at this very website.

Firth was accompanied by wife Livia, who wore jewellery made from fair-trade and fair -mined gold, set with ethically sourced aquamarine gemstones from designer Anna Loucah. She said; “More and more actresses seem to be championing the cause and I think having one-wear jewellery made from ethically sourced materials on the red carpet sends out a really positive message.”

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2011 BAFTA's showcase stunning diamond cluster rings and more...



This year’s BAFTA’s provided a night to remember, with an array of top quality British films fighting it out for the top awards. It wasn’t just the movies that got the attention this year though, as a host of top stars flaunted dazzling diamond cluster rings and other gorgeous jewellery. Mad About Diamonds always have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world of diamonds and were not left disappointed by this year’s gemstone showcase.

Creme de la crème of British acting show off amazing diamond rings...

Among the a-list celebrities sporting fine diamond eternity rings and diamond dress rings were Julianne Moore, Emma Watson and Haille Steinfeld. As The King’s Speech expectedly cleaned up in terms of awards at least those unlucky enough not to scoop an award can take solace in the fact that they looked sparkling.

Diamond cluster rings seem to be making a comeback as the popular choice among celebrities, with a number of them being seen at the BAFTA’s and earlier in the year at the Golden Globes.

If you have been inspired by one of the great diamond cluster rings worn by anyone at the BAFTA’s, then Mad About Diamonds are here to help. We can custom make any diamond ring to meet your specific demands and even have a great online ring builder. Have a look around the site today and if you have any queries, get in touch with our friendly team.


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Grammer ties the knot with glorious diamond eternity ring


Star of Frasier and Broadway sensation, Kelsey Grammer, has rounded off what has been a turbulent few months by marrying British airline hostess Kayte Walsh. The US superstar had sensationally been ditched by beauty Camille Donatacci after news of his affair with Walsh came to light and only had his divorce papers through a fortnight ago. Grammer did it in style however, getting married at the Plaza Hotel in New York and giving his bride an amazing diamond eternity ring similar to those available here at Mad About Diamonds.

No expense spared as Kelsey Grammer gets hitched at the Plaza with diamond eternity ring...

Although still married to Donatacci, Grammer proposed to Walsh just before Christmas with a glorious diamond engagement ring, again very much like ones from the Mad About Diamonds range.  The ring featured trillion cut pave diamonds flanking a centre stone - he certainly knows his diamonds!

Recent photographs of the couple show them sporting their diamond jewellery in style and they look absolutely beaming as they get used to life together.

If these rings have got you in the mood for some new jewellery or you are looking to buy a diamond engagement ring then take a good look around the Mad About Diamonds website. All our rings are expertly crafted in our UK workshop and we only use the very finest diamonds available.

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Sapphires outselling traditional diamonds



As we often say here at Mad About Diamonds, a diamond is a girl’s best friend! But is that necessarily the case? Historically, diamonds have been the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings, but recent trends suggest that sapphires are quickly becoming more dominant. Not to worry though as we have an extensive range of both diamond engagement rings and sapphires here at Mad About Diamonds.

Sapphires to take over traditional diamonds?

In a survey done by ‘Bride to Be Cost of Love’, the popularity of sapphires has more than doubled since 2008. Kate Middleton’s choice of diamond engagement ring is thought to drive this trend yet further in the coming months.

When Charles and Diana married in 1981, the very same ring sparked a very similar change in the market as brides to be looked to emulate the Royals.

Young engagement ring buyers are also going for white gold engagement rings and princess cut diamond engagement rings and the price range for these rings is currently in £3,500 to £10,000 bracket.

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New York actor takes the plunge to win his beloved a solitaire diamond engagement ring


A Manhattan-based actor by the name of Stanley Brode proved his love for his girlfriend by plunging in to a pit of over 10,000 plastic balls. Brode, 26, did this to retrieve a stunning 1.23 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring, very similar to those on the Mad About Diamonds range.

Plastic apple earns the couple an exquisite solitaire diamond engagement ring...

Brode also beat nine other tuxedo-clad bachelors when diving into the diamond-shaped pit at Grand Central Terminal. He was after a plastic apple which entitled him to claim the diamond ring worth nearly ten grand!

The actor took less than one minute to beat out the other contestants, then he promptly dropped to one knee and asked girlfriend Jessalyn Maguire, 25, to marry him.

"This guy's got the golden touch," said his bride to be who is also an American actress. She promptly accepted his proposal and quipped; "It fits," So no need to even worry about resizing!

The Diamond Dig was staged by Topps, the Lower Manhattan baseball card company, to celebrate its diamond anniversary. 

The ring looked ever so familiar to us here at Mad About Diamonds as we have a beautiful range of such solitaire diamond engagement rings, all expertly crafted in our workshop. If you have still not had a look at the great Mad About Diamonds jewellery range then do so now by exploring our site.

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Money no issue as diamond engagement rings continue to fly out



The Mad About Diamonds blog has been a constant source of celebrity gossip of late, with countless lucky young girls showing of their fabulous diamond engagement rings. From royalty to singers and actresses, there has been a vast array of stunning diamond rings being flaunted around, much like the ones available on the Mad About Diamonds website.

What recession? Diamond jewellery sales remain steady...

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and jewellers have reported that silver diamond engagement rings uk have been a bestseller over the St. Valentine’s period. We offer gold, silver and sapphire diamond engagement rings here at Mad About Diamonds, all of which you can sample on our great online ring builder.

Despite the current economic situation, love must still be in the air as silver and diamond jewellery still performed reasonably well. Mad About Diamonds also noticed an increase in the sale of gold jewellery, despite the inflated market prices.

We are not just pioneers of diamond engagement rings at Mad About Diamonds. We also have an extensive range of superbly crafted diamond dress rings, eternity rings, earrings, bracelets and diamond pendants. Take a look around our classy website and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone. We have diamond experts ready to take your call.


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Diamond engagement rings all the rage in 2011


Understandably, the Mad About Diamonds blog has been dominated by news of several celebrity diamond engagement rings, not least that of Miss Middleton. With several other big names such as Lily Allen and Katherine Jenkins following suit, there certainly seems to be diamond frenzy at the moment. And why not? After all, diamond’s are a ladies best friend!


Big celebrity’s names spark a surge in diamond engagement rings...

Royal family and diamond lovers nationwide were left ecstatic after the news that Price William had presented his fiancée with a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, much like some of the amazing pieces of jewellery available online at Mad About Diamonds.

Selected originally by the ever so glamorous Princess Diana, the diamond ring has been sported on several occasions by the future Queen and has made a diamond engagement ring a must for brides to be all over the United Kingdom.

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Royal Bride's Engagement Ring Worth Up to One Million Pounds!




We’re sorry to keep going on about it guys, but we’re in the business of beautiful diamond engagement rings and we have found some more juicy gossip about Kate Middleton’s beauty! Mad About Diamonds have a range of gorgeous diamond engagement rings much like the Queen-to-be’s so go and have a butchers!

Future Queen’s diamond engagement ring could be worth up to a million quid!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not your average couple as we know, this is probably the reason that the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that she has been given is worth nearly £1,000,000!

The ring is the same one that Prince Charles bought for Diana when they got engaged and at the time it cost a staggering £300,000. With today’s economy and the changes in the market that means the stunning piece of jewellery would fetch a near six-figure sum!

To put that into perspective, following the surge in diamond engagement ring sales this Valentine’s Day we have been able to calculate how much we mere mortals are spending on engagement rings. For the average British couple their ring will cost in the region of a modest £1,400.

Mad About Diamonds have a great range of superbly crafted diamond engagement rings all made in our fantastic workshop. We use only the finest diamonds on the planet and have a wicked online ring builder.



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Diamond dress ring sales on the rise



diamond dress ring

An Australian survey has revealed some interesting information about diamond engagement rings and diamond dress rings, as Mad About Diamonds has discovered. As you know, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping you up to date with what is going in the shimmering world of diamonds.

Two months’ salary to be spent on diamond engagement rings such as the beauties available here at Mad About Diamonds...

The informative survey revealed that grooms are willing to pay as much as two months’ earnings on their bride’s diamond dress rings and diamond engagement rings. Lucky girls!

Also interestingly, men who marry more than once are likely to choose a traditional-style ring (ie. a diamond engagement ring)  for their first lady love and a diamond dress ring or diamond band for their second wife. Who says that love is dead hey!

British queen-in-waiting Kate Middleton's sapphire diamond engagement ring, formerly belonging to fiancé Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, has led to an increase in the design. The Mad About Diamonds’ range it utterly comprehensive – take a look and have a go on the online ring builder today.

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Diamond cluster rings causing quite a stir here at Mad About Diamonds





Here at Mad About Diamonds, we are totally dedicated to not only offering you the most superb diamond engagement rings and jewellery available online, but also keeping you up to date with all the diamond news you need. We understand that diamonds are somewhat of an obsession so make sure you keep in the know via the Mad About Diamonds blog.

Annual diamond auctions showcase beautiful diamond cluster rings...

The annual Magnificent Jewels auctions always attract the crème de la crème of the jewellery, design and art world, not to mention a fair few celebs with a deep pocket or two. This week some rather impressive diamond cluster rings have been creating quite a stir in the jewellery world.

It seems that 2011’s sales will be no different after world renowned auction houses exhibited a selection of the jewels that will go under the hammer before June. Diamond engagement rings, particularly diamond cluster rings such as these are readily available on the Mad About Diamonds website and remember, you can totally customise your ring using our expertise and our great online ring builder.

The aforementioned preview only included nine pieces but what pieces they were. There was a fabulous array of rare diamonds and intricately designed jewellery that were nothing short of magical.

Impressed? Make sure you come to Mad About Diamonds to discuss all of your diamond engagement ring and diamond cluster ring needs – our service is second to none and we use only the finest gemstones available in our state of the art workshop.



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Dianna Aggron wears a range of gorgeous jewellery available at Mad About Diamonds to exclusiv



Yet more celebrity diamond cluster ring news for you here at Mad About Diamonds, this time our focus is on Glee star Dianna Agron. She was donning a range of spectacular jewellery – not dissimilar to the items available on the Mad About Diamonds website – as she scooped a number of prestigious awards.

Glee star the latest to show off her stunning diamond cluster ring and much more...

Agron stole the red carpet spotlight in a vintage Chanel dress at the 2011 SAG Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. As you would expect, she was glittering as she wore an abundance of amazing diamond jewellery. Maybe she had been shopping at Mad About Diamonds!?

The 24-year-old star pulled off her classic look with diamond earrings, a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire bracelet in silver on gold! As if that wasn’t enough, she finished off her look with a diamond cluster ring also in silver on gold and heels.

Dianna dished on the red carpet about her gown choice, “[I] wore a short dress so I wouldn’t trip up over a long one.” You don’t have to answer to use Dianna!

One thing is for sure, she looked dazzling in her diamond jewellery and you could too. Just browse the extensive Mad About Diamonds range of diamond jewellery and why not have a play about on our online ring builder. If you are still not satisfied you can always pick up the phone and speak to one of our diamond experts.


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Josephine De La Baume the latest celeb to reveal her sparkling diamond engagement ring




It seems that celebrities everywhere just cannot stop getting engaged and as a result, showing off their beautiful diamond engagement rings. As you may be aware, Mad About Diamonds has the most comprehensive range of diamond, emerald and princess cut diamond engagement rings available online in the UK.

French actress seen wearing stunning diamond engagement ring out and about in Paris...

The DJ come producer has been dating the French model since March 2009 and decided it earlier this year to pop the big question. Josephine had sparked marriage rumours after she was seen flaunting what appeared to be an impressive diamond engagement ring at a Mama Shelter hotel in Paris a few weeks ago. Black and white photographs of the beauty wearing the band were published in Purple Magazine.

Mark, 35, and Josephine love spending time together and the model appeared in his music promo for The Bike Song, a track released by his band Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

Josephine is the new face of Agent Provocateur underwear and will also appear in the next Johnny English movie alongside Rowan Atkinson.

Mark – the brother of DJ Samantha Ronson - worked on Amy Winehouse’s hit Back to Black album and recently produced the latest Duran Duran record.

It is not yet known when the happy couple plan to tie the knot but if this news has got you in the mood then check out the exclusive range of Mad About Diamonds jewellery.



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Lily Allen the latest to show off her diamonds


It seems like all we talk about here at Mad About Diamonds at the moment is celebrity engagements and weddings, but we don’t care – you know how much we love sparkling jewellery. Lily Allen is our focus today, as she has also been seen sporting a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Her diamond eternity ring is much like some of the great pieces available on the Mad About Diamonds website..

Singer posted her great diamond ring on her exclusive blog...

The ‘smile’ singer posted a picture of her newly manicured hand on her blog which just happened to show a diamond eternity ring sat with a solitaire round cut diamond set in gold. 

Allen wrote beneath the picture ‘A girl can’t do Manhattan sans manicure’ in a bid to supposedly show off her newly painted nails. However, fans soon got wise to the true meaning of the post and the internet was soon alight with rumours that Allen had gotten engaged.

It is thought that Allen’s fiancé Sam Cooper, who the singer once referred to as 'the love of my life', proposed to the singer when on holiday in Indonesia on Christmas Day. The engagement is happy news for the couple who had a tumultuous 2010, after suffering a miscarriage.

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The other Kate's wedding results in a truly gorgeous diamond engagement ring


It seems to be the case at the moment that if you are famous, in love and called Kate then you pretty likely to be getting married. It doesn’t stop there either. After Katy Perry’s marriage to comedian Russell Brand, Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William and Katherine Jenkins’ recent announcement – Kate Moss is the latest star to been seen wearing a glorious diamond engagement ring.

Top model to wed musician Jamie Hince after accepting beautiful diamond engagement ring, why not check out the stunning Mad About Diamonds range?

Kate Moss gave her gorgeous diamond ring its first outing in Paris last week, as she gallivanted around the city of love with her new fiancée. Guess what, he is a musician for a change! 

The striking crimson manicure she sported draws attention to her dazzling diamond engagement ring and makes it look chicer than ever. Well that’s what the fashion gurus tell us – Mad About Diamonds are after all experts is stunning diamond engagement rings not Grazia!

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Yet another beaming Katherine boasts her diamond engagement ring


Following the news of the stunning diamond engagement rings donned by Kate Middleton and Kate Moss, yet another high profile celebrity has been seen in public sporting a beautiful diamond. Mad About Diamonds are obsessed with diamond jewellery and it looks like all the celebrities are too!

Third high profile ‘K’ with top of the range diamond engagement ring – get yours from Mad About Diamonds!

This time a beaming Katherine Jenkins has been showing off her £10,000 diamond engagement ring, much like jewellery available on the Mad About Diamonds website whilst out and about with her fiancée. 

The beautiful classical singer and recent fiancée, TV presenter Gethin Jones, were clearly in a state of joy as they headed out for dinner in a classy part of West London. The couple were looking casually chic as the blonde beauty proudly showed off her large diamond engagement ring.

The handsome couple were just a short drive from their £4.7 million house in Richmond, South-West London. With that kind of money, it’s hardly a surprise that Jenkins has been able to ply his bride to be with such extravagant diamond engagement rings and jewellery. Her ring came from Bond Street jeweller Goode and Son, which is highly exclusive and by private appointment only.

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Prince William sports amazing diamond engagement ring


WilliamPrince William went on show in the shape of a life-size waxwork yesterday at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, Central London. In an exhibition designed to give royal fans the opportunity to see the couple as they will appear after the big day, Prince William was a sporting a beautiful diamond engagement ring much like one of the pieces available here at Mad About Diamonds.

Wax sculpture of Prince William showcases a quite stunning diamond engagement ring...

American artist Jennifer Rubell sculpted the waxwork of the Prince using the pose he took at St James’s Palace earlier in the month. The great piece of artistry was also complete with a replica of Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring attached to the forearm. The exhibition comes with an intriguing twist as would-be royal brides can slip on the ring and see what it feels like to wear a glorious diamond engagement ring.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s diamond engagement rings are sure to be of the very highest calibre, just like the range available here at Mad About Diamonds. If you are also planning an engagement then why not take a look through our stunning range of diamond engagement rings and jewellery. Don’t forget to have a go on our online ring builder, this facility will ensure that your diamond engagement ring will look absolutely perfect.

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