Why are marquise engagement rings so popular?


Marquise engagement rings are particularly popular, due to their uniqueness and character. The design of the marquise engagement ring is believed to have originated in France as far back as the 18th Century, when King Louis XIV requested jewellers to design a special diamond for his then mistress Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour. He requested for the diamond to be in the shape of her lips which is demonstrated in the marquise engagement ring as it possesses pointed ends and smooth and slender edges.

Marquise engagement rings are becoming more popular due to the distinctive shape of the diamond. It is less conventional to many other styles on the market, showing a taste of individuality. The multifaceted shape of the marquise engagement rings makes it glimmer, creating a gorgeous sparkling effect in the sun light.

The size of your marquise engagement ring is solely dependent on your bride’s own personal preference. Whatever size you choose a marquise engagement ring will be perfect in proportion both height and length ways. If you are worried about proposing with a ring that isn’t as conventional as other rings, don’t be. The most amazing thing about marquise engagement rings is that they will suit any woman. They flatter the finger making it look longer and elegant.

If you have been amazed at the pure elegance of marquise engagement rings and believe that a marquise engagement ring would be perfect for your fiancée, then look no further than Mad About Diamonds.


Marquise Engagement Rings

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Handmade engagement rings are just as unique and special as your relationship


The proposal you make to your bride to be is one of the most important plans you will ever make. Central to the proposal is the unique engagement ring that will you purchase for your partner. Whilst visiting different jewellers you may become confused by all the similarities of the rings placed in front of you. Your partner is unique and special; make her stand out from the crowd with a distinctive handmade engagement ring from Mad About Diamonds.

Specialising in handmade engagement rings is one of our greatest assets at Mad About Diamonds. 

We are proud to create exclusive rings for our clients, and we gain satisfaction from crafting elegant handmade engagement rings. The advantages of having a bespoke engagement ring for your bride to be, is that the ring can have your own personal touch which will reflect your love and long lasting relationship.

To understand what style of engagement ring your fiancée will enjoy, take a look at the jewellery she currently wears to gain ideas. Pay attention to the colour of the metal she prefers: will white gold engagement rings be more her style? Does she wear chunky rings and bracelets? If so, she may prefer chunky diamond engagement rings. Or is her style more delicate and feminine? She may prefer something more dainty and elegant like a smaller diamond engagement ring.

If you are stuck for ideas, don’t panic! At Mad About Diamonds we are more than happy to help you design a unique handmade engagement ring, and with lots of expertise on crafting perfect engagement rings we most definitely have ideas to share with you. If you would like more information on handmade engagement rings contact us today.


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A small guide for men when choosing engagement rings



Engagement rings come in many styles. Having a few ideas on which styles your partner likes will make choosing the perfect engagement ring easier. Some popular styles are princess cut diamond engagement rings or solitaire diamond engagement rings. You will find that without a little bit of guidance from your partner, you may feel overwhelmed! Consider taking your partner shopping for engagement rings a few months before you intend to propose.


Looking at diamond engagement rings can be difficult, due to the different grading of diamonds. It is important to choose a diamond engagement ring that will look perfect on your partner. There are plenty of different styles of diamond engagement ring for you to choose from, including: diamond dress rings, princess cut diamond engagement rings and square cut diamond engagement rings.


You can get rings in all types of metals. Some women will only wear a certain type of gold. When you are shopping for engagement rings, keep in mind your partners preferred type of gold. Quite popular at the moment is white gold engagement rings, but if your partner isn’t too keen on white gold, perhaps go for a yellow gold or platinum.

These are just some things to keep in mind when buying the perfect engagement rings. Whatever ring you are looking for, whether that is diamond engagement rings or white gold engagement rings, Mad About Diamonds have a wide selection of engagement rings that are bound to tickle your partners fancy.


princess cut diamond engagement ring

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What is a comfortable engagement ring?


An engagement ring is something that you are going to wear daily and most often all the time. Therefore it is important to choose an engagement ring that is going to be comfortable to wear for daily activities without having to take it off. Considering this your engagement ring needs to be practical for everyday wear will help you choose what size ring is best for you.
First and foremost, you don’t want a ring that is going to hurt your finger. Therefore you need an engagement ring that is rounded on the inside so that it does not cut into the finger with movement.

If you are looking for a large stone, remember that it will have elevated prongs to hold the stone. This will catch on things and possibly scratch and tear. If your partner leads a busy lifestyle, a large stone may not be practical. At the end of the day, you want an engagement ring that is elegant and sits nicely, not one that you have to worry about 24/7.

If your day job includes intricate or heavy work, take note that diamond engagement rings will collect grit and dirt and will need constant cleaning. This is more the case with an elevated diamond ring, and may be difficult to clean.
Engagement rings are meant to be worn daily and must be practical for daily use. If you choose to give your partner a cheaper ring, due to their busy lifestyle, don’t forget you are ultimately going to spend the rest of your lives together. Maybe treat your loved one to a more expensive ring, on your wedding anniversary that can be worn on special occasions, diamond dress rings are the perfect choice for such an occasion.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment between you and your partner. Make sure your engagement ring is special by choosing from our range of comfortable diamond engagement rings at Mad About Diamonds. We are sure that we have the perfect diamond engagement rings to choose from for your partner. For a personal service please call our dedicated team on 0151 632 7747

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Prince William will not wear a wedding band but Kate still sports a beautiful engagement ring


According to Palace Officials, Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding band following his marriage to Kate Middleton. According to these sources, ‘It is simply down to personal preference’.

Kate will be wearing a ring fashioned from a lump of Welsh gold already owned by the Royal Family, which will be given to her in the traditional way during the wedding ceremony on April 29th.

William’s personal preference does not come as a shock, as it is commonplace nowadays for men not to sport a wedding ring. The popularity of men wearing wedding rings has recently soared but there is still divided opinion on whether wearing one is obligatory or not.

Most modern day brides expect their husband to wear a wedding ring and not to wear one is mainly unheard of.

Although Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding ring, the wedding day and Kate’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring symbolises their marriage together.

If you are looking for a symbolic ring for your special day then head over to the main Mad About Diamonds website for wedding ring for both men and women. We also have a wide selection of diamond engagement rings and diamond eternity rings, to make sure you find the perfect ring.


shoulder set diamond engagement ring

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Jack P Shepherd is getting married and splashed out on a beautiful diamond engagement ring!


Coronation Street star Jack P. Shepherd has got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Lauren Shippey. They plan to tie the knot in 2012. The ITV actor, who plays the troublesome teenager David Platt in the drama, proposed with a £3,000 diamond engagement ring.

The news of the engagement has followed soon after Sammy Milewski gave birth to Jack’s son, which he is alleged to have fathered after a one night stand.

According to a friend of the couple, Jack has "now made the ultimate statement that he wants to be with her for the rest of his life."

Jack wants to move on and thought of no better way than splashing out on a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. This has been seen as a turning point in their relationship and they are now ready to move on.

Jack’s on screen character has recently married wild child bride Kylie. Insiders have said that Jack’s real life is a mirror image of his Corrie character.

If you are looking to pop the question with a special diamond engagement ring from Mad About Diamonds, head over to our main website now for a selection of engagement rings sure to make your loved one happy!

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Where does the tradition of diamond engagement rings come from?


Diamonds were discovered in India circa 800 B.C. and became sought after as the news about them spread across the globe. This was because of their immense beauty and rarity; it was even believed that they possessed a magical quality. Early societies were particularly taken by the hardness of the stone – the word “diamond” is derived from the Greek “adamas” which translates as unconquerable! It therefore made the perfect choice of stone to add to the traditional hoop which represented eternity. This however, was not until the 15th century and became a custom for the royal or extremely wealthy. The first recorded giving of a diamond engagement ring was from the Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

If you are looking to carry on this tradition and share your love with a diamond engagement rings UK, Mad About Diamonds have an amazing selection for you to choose from! Whether you are looking for a marquise engagement ring or a solitaire diamond engagement rings there is definitely something to suit your requirements. If you are looking for fabulous diamond engagement rings to dazzle your loved one then look no further than the selection available at your fingertips from Mad About Diamonds, where all calls and queries are welcome, please call 0151 632 7747 to talk to our in house experts.


Marquise engagement ring

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We all love a good wedding with beautiful jewellery such as diamond engagement rings!


The royal wedding is a great time to celebrate British heritage and enjoy a holiday to commemorate the special day. Some people may choose to throw a party or plan something nice to both catch up with friends as well as enjoy the day. It is true to say that typically “everyone loves a good wedding”, and what better wedding to enjoy than one which an entire nation can be a part of.

With the upcoming royal wedding just weeks away there is still much talk around the engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. So much so that the Natural Sapphire Company in New York has recently finished crafting the world’s largest natural blue sapphire ring. The ring is estimated to retail for $1.5 million. The ring was inspired by the 18-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which previously belonged to Princess Diana.

If you are looking for inspiration for that perfect engagement ring, why not choose a classic diamond engagement ring from Mad About Diamonds? With an amazing range to choose from you will not be disappointed with items such as princess cut diamond engagement rings, shoulder set engagement rings and other beautiful diamond engagement rings.

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