New York legalises same sex marriages: bring on the engagements and diamond engagement rings


It was announced on Friday 24th of June 2011, at roughly midnight, that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed same sex marriages into law in New York City. This lead to extra special celebrations for the LGBT community, as the Pride Parade commenced in Manhattan the following Sunday. New York was the sixth biggest state to pass this law, by 33 – 29 votes, it will come into practice from the 24th of July. Although there are some questions around what this legislation will actually mean for same sex couples rights, one thing is for sure this was one-step forward for the equal rights movement.

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Kate Moss losesĀ her diamond engagement ring at Glastonbury 2011!


Kate Moss was seen practically hyperventilating side of stage whilst watching as fiancé Jamie Hince of The Kills played on stage as she noticed that her £14,000 diamond engagement ring was missing. The ring which was inspired by a one owned by twenties icon Zelda Fitzgerald had disappeared and Moss was begging friends to search on their hands and knees through the mud. She was reportedly seen shifting mud with her foot whilst crying in an attempt to find it. It has also been reported that roughly two hours later and still crying, Kate Moss went to the loo and whilst looking for tissues in her handbag discovered the “missing” ring.

There was much speculation around Moss and Hince’s engagement, such as; they were already secretly wed, however it has subsequently been stated that the couple will marry this July. According to reports, Moss, 37 and Hince 40, will marry on July 2nd with Kate’s eight year old daughter Lila Grace (from her former partner Jefferson) as bridesmaid.

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Engagement Rings UK: UK presenter Christine Bleakley shows off her ring.


In engagement rings uk news, Presenter Christine Bleakley shows off her ring from footballer Frank Lampard. The ring is rumoured to have cost around £120,000, which features a large central diamond with a selection of smaller diamonds set into the band.  The first glimpses of the ring were seen as the couple arrived back from a romantic getaway in LA, where the footballer proposed. The couple have been together for two years, after meeting at an awards ceremony in the uk.  Frank spent months preparing for the engagement proposal. Including first asking Christine’s father’s permission and having his friend send the beautiful shoulder set engagement ring over to America on a separate flight. Despite his efforts to keep the proposal a secret, Christine guessed what was happening half way through and burst into tears of joy.

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Engagement Rings uk: Diamonds are the way to go


“I’ve been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
because my new diamond rings they're the s#*t
oh oh oh you’ve been talkin' 'bout my new diamond rings
because my new diamond rings,
they’re what’s in
and if you're looking at me,
you gon’ be looking at them
cause they're the swagger that you see in my walk
and if you're listenin' to me,
you gon’ be listenin' to them
cause they’re the slick that you hear in my talk” – Chipmunk: Diamond Rings.

As the extract above would suggest diamonds are the way to go when choosing rings for you or as a gift. At Mad About Diamonds, we are all about the world’s favourite gemstone, making quality engagement rings uk. While we specialise in creating beautiful handmade engagement rings, we also offer a range of diamond dress rings. Dress rings are perfect for adding glamour to any outfit and occasion. As the song suggests, when you wear diamonds you feel and look like a million dollars. Diamonds have achieved an iconic status over the centuries that humans have been coveting them. Initially the gems reflect light naturally, making them perfect for jewellery such as shoulder set diamond rings. Diamonds have developed a reputation for being the height of luxury and as such wearing them alludes to a status of higher living. Chipmunk’s song really captures this feeling that diamonds add something extra.

If you type “engagement rings uk” into Google images, the results show a page full of shoulder set engagement rings in a variety of different cuts. These cuts include the elegant and traditional princess cut and also the more exotic cut marquise engagement rings. While you can propose with any ring, if you want to make an impression, proposing with a diamond ring is the only way to go.

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How do I find out my partners diamond ring size?


Looking for engagement rings doesn’t have to be tricky, once you know her size. One way in doing this could be to take one of her existing rings with you to the jewellers. If she removes a ring she wears regularly and you have the chance to take it without her noticing – go for it! This will hopefully make the decision of which diamond engagement rings to choose easier.
If she doesn’t remove one of her rings for a long period of time, maybe try taking it when she hasn’t noticed. All you have to do is press the ring in to a bar of soap or slip it onto your finger and mark where it stops at. These ways may not be accurate, but gives you an idea, and the jeweller will surely be able to help you find the perfect engagement rings with those ballpark sizes.
Try asking one of her friends or her mother. Women usually talk about the day when they will get to choose between a selection of diamond engagement rings, so it may be worthwhile asking. This is dependent on whether you want her friends and family knowing!
Another alternative is taking her with you when you go shopping. This way you will get the exact engagement ring size. It may not be the most passionate way to propose, but this way you will be able to find out her ring size without any fuss.
For a selection of diamond engagement rings crafted to your exact measurements contact Mad About Diamonds now.

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Kim Kardashian sets a trend with her princess cut diamond engagement ring


Just like all girls out there, Kim Kardashian has long dreamed of the perfect man, coupled with the perfect engagement ring. She has now got it, after receiving gorgeous diamond engagement rings from her partner Kris Humphries. A family friend created her ring, who is an Jewellery designer, who has also designed pieces for the stars. Diamond engagement rings come in several forms (diamond dress rings, handmade engagement rings), but Kim says she has opted for a classic piece.
Diamond engagement rings are perfect when they are handmade, just like Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring. At Mad About Diamonds we offer a selection of handmade engagement rings with the wow factor, surely to stand out just like Kim’s. No matter what style of engagement rings you are looking at, we are sure that we will have a perfect engagement ring for your partner.

If your partner would like to stand out, just like Kim Kardashian does with her engagement ring, diamond dress rings may be the rings to look at. Diamond dress rings are a statement piece, and look great on someone who likes a dramatic style.
Whereas if you are looking for something more like Kim Kardashian’s ring you may want to look at the range of princess cut diamond engagement rings from Mad About Diamonds. These rings are perfect for the partner who likes something simple yet sophisticated, that stands out from the crowd.

For more information on princess cut diamond engagement rings, or something more dramatic like the diamond dress rings look at our range of engagement rings on the Mad About Diamonds website.


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Handmade engagement rings uk are a sign of true commitment


When looking for the perfect engagement rings uk, look no further than Mad About Diamonds. We handcraft all our rings in our UK based workshop and as such can guarantee that the piece will be of the highest quality. To order your handmade engagement ring, check out our engagement ring pages. Where you will find a selection of styles including princess cut, marquise cut and shoulder set engagement rings.

When you find a style that you like, you will see on the product page a range of options to personalise your handmade engagement ring.  For example on the Aspen Shoulder Set Diamond Engagement Ring page you will find options for customising both the setting and the diamond.  We make our rings in a range of metals including Platinum and palladium. White gold engagement rings are a very popular choice, as the colouring allows the diamond to shine. Our simple system allows you to create your ring not just to your specification but to your budget, as the tool shows the current price of the ring (VAT included) as you build. This is a function which sets us apart from our competitors, as all our costs are up front. As we build all our handmade engagement rings to order, we can offer up to 60% discount compared with competitors who have a large amount of stock piled in their warehouses.

At Mad about Diamonds, we aim to provide a new slant to buying diamond engagement rings online. Removing the stuffy old school style and putting the power back in your hands. While maintaining high quality and standards of customer service.

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Mark Ronson commissioned a handmade engagement ring, made from his own design.


Mark Ronson has taken the next step in his long term relationship with Josephine De La Baume, by proposing with a beautiful handmade diamond engagement ring. Ronson has had the piece commissioned to his own design and is said to include a stunning yellow diamond. The ring appears to be a princess cut diamond engagement ring, with an exaggerated diamond in a shoulder setting.  There is additional detailing present, with the addition of smaller yellow diamonds set into the shoulders of the ring. The proposal seems to have come out of the blue with De La Blume being quoted as saying “Mark proposed on the beach in La Rochelle - I had no idea whatsoever”. She has also been recorded saying that she never wanted to get married, but since the proposal she has warmed to the idea.

If you are looking for a beautifully crafted engagement ring uk, Mad About Diamonds have a huge selection to choose from in various styles and metals. For example the beautiful Corsica white gold engagement rings.  As all our diamond engagement rings are handmade in our workshop, we can guarantee quality and finish.

Among the styles that we offer is the always popular princess cut diamond ring, which features a square (or princess) cut diamond held in the setting. The beauty of this generally has 76 facets, giving it more brilliance and sparkle than a round brilliant.
For more information about handmade engagement rings uk, call us at Mad About Diamonds we will be more than happy to provide assistance.

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Diamond Dress Rings sparkle at the Monaco Grand Prix.


Diamond dress rings are a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour into an outfit. Last weekend saw the rich and glamorous attending the prestigious Monaco grand prix. This race has a long heritage for being the formula one race to be seen at and this year was no exception. The event saw stars such as the Ecclestone sisters, Geri Halliwell and Andrea Casiraghi attending.

Geri Halliwell, who is no stranger to showing off her diamonds, wore a green romper suit to the event and was seen partying with the Red Bull boys. In 2009 Geri sported a huge princess cut diamond engagement ring, during her short lived engagement.
Princess Beatrice also attended the event, wearing a low key peach dress accessorised with a diamond dress ring. The Princess had recently hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, through her controversial choice of hat at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Kim Kardashian chose the event to show of her new diamond engagement ring, while watching the race with fiancé Kris Humphries. While Alonso opted for a gold trimmed helmet for the prestigious race, the McLaren boys really went to town. Both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton wore helmets sporting hundreds of diamonds, used to spell out their names.

Nicole Scherzinger spent the race in the McLaren Box with Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, getting a great view of the action. There has been recent speculation that Lewis will pop the question soon. The couple have been together since 2007 and there are signs that Lewis will soon be hunting for a handmade engagement ring. If the rumours are true he will be spoilt for choice when picking the design of the ring.  Marquise diamond engagement rings are an intriguing choice as an alternative to the ever popular princess cut and square cut diamonds.  All these cuts can be incorporated into a stunning shoulder set engagement ring, which will make any woman feel like a Princess. 

At Mad About Diamonds we have a huge selection of engagement rings uk, all of which come with certificates of authenticity.

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Diamonds are forever, so why not treat yourself to a beautiful diamond dress ring!


Diamonds are not only for those who are betrothed (or about to be); you can buy beautiful diamond rings for all occasions! If you have a big event coming up in your diary, maybe at work, or if you are looking for an extra special, treat for yourself or someone else; why not choose a beautiful diamond dress ring, diamond earrings or a diamond pendant?

There are a variety of ways to accessories an outfit with diamonds, some of which are stated above. Diamond dress rings now come in a variety of styles with classic cuts to funky designs. Diamond earrings are a great way to set off an outfit without being over the top, a delicate pair of round cut diamond stud earrings could really enhance your look. Whatever type of accessories you prefer, whether rings, earrings, pendants or bracelets, adding diamonds to your pieces will mean that they will never be out of fashion, whether high end chic or vintage is your style diamonds are a perfect choice for any event.

Diamonds do not have to mean diamond engagement ring, you may already be married or be young free and single and still love diamonds! At Mad About Diamonds we believe that diamond dress rings can add that “joie de vivre” to any occasion. We supply only the highest quality diamonds from one of the top three grading labs, but because we are an online retailer we are able to pass our savings on to you! So if you are looking for the perfect accessory for your forthcoming event, look no further than Mad About Diamonds, please contact us on 0151 632 7747 for more information.

Diamond Dress Ring

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