Diamond Dress Rings are the perfect gift for people born in April.



If you are looking for the perfect present for a loved one, then take a look at diamond dress rings from Mad about Diamonds. All our products are made in our uk based workshops by skilled professionals. As we produce all our dress and engagement rings uk to order, we can keep our overheads low and pass these savings on to you.

In the gemstone calendar, the diamond is the birthstone for April. The origins of birthstones are unclear, with several cultures having early references in many texts. A more recent reference is the Gregorian Birthstone Poems first published in 1870, below is the April poem:

“She who from April dates her years,

Diamond shall wear, lest bitter tears

For vain repentance flow, this stone,

Emblem of innocence, is known.”

                    - Unknown Author


With April being nine months away, if you are planning a baby, now is the perfect time to start saving to buy diamond dress ring as investment piece for your little one.  In the current economic climate many savings accounts are rendered stagnant, investing in handmade engagement rings and diamond dress rings are a much safer bet. Being made of precious metals and real diamonds, a ring from Mad About Diamonds will maintain its value for generations. If you are having a little girl then opting for a Diamond dress ring, will allow her to get the most wear out of your gift to her. If you are having a little boy, then investing in a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring will give him a head start on his future proposal.  Sticking with a classic ring over the more adventurous marquise engagement rings may be prudent, as tastes will no doubt change over the decades as your children grow.


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Celebrate your 60th anniversary with a beautiful diamond dress ring



In many countries wedding anniversaries are associated with a particular gift; however, these gifts vary by country. In the UK a first anniversary is celebrated with cotton but in the US the gift is a clock. Yet both countries recognise the diamond as the gift for celebrating a 60th Wedding anniversary. Mad About Diamonds is the perfect place to find a relevant gift, such as a striking diamond dress ring. 

After spending sixty years together, you will probably want you get your partner something special to mark the occasion. Remember back to sixty years previously and the effort put into choosing the perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring. Back then the design of handmade engagement rings was still heavily influenced by the Art Deco movement and as such pieces from this era tend to be more ornate than modern rings. Buying a modern diamond dress ring that will complement your wife’s need not be a chore at Mad About Diamonds. Our dress ring range includes both modern and traditionally styled pieces.

If you are just starting to look at handmade engagement rings, the thought of sixty years of marriage may seem like a long time away. However, choosing the right engagement ring may improve your chances of lasting that long!  There are many styles of rings to choose from including quirky marquise engagement rings and the feminine princess cut diamond engagement rings. Many people are now opting to include their prospective partner help choose the ring, in order to ensure that they get you the perfect piece. 

Diamond Dress Rings

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Digging up diamond dress rings



In Miami, Florida a local baseball stadium has used diamond dress rings to raise money for the local PACE centre for girls. They had the innovative idea to bury a diamond dress ring within the grounds of the stadium and after the game, they invite the ladies in the audience to come down and dig for a diamond. They have held this fundraiser for a couple of years in a row and the event has drawn quite a following, with eighty participants this year. This year’s winner of a beautiful diamond dress ring was local college student Jennifer Kelijk. Kelijk is a long term baseball fan and as such took a tactical approach to hunting for the diamond ring. She used the logic that they would not choose to bury the likes of solitaire diamond engagement rings, anywhere it may get damaged, as such she dug in the least active area of the playing field.

If you are looking for an easier way to find elegant diamond dress rings, then Mad about Diamonds is the place to be. We are passionate about all things diamonds but we have a special focus on creating beautiful handmade engagement rings. We make all our engagement rings uk in our own workshops and as we are an internet exclusive company, we can offer prices that are up to 60% less than on the high street.  We only produce diamond dress rings to the highest quality and as such we only supply diamonds from the top three grading labs in the world (GIA, HRD and IGI).


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Have you found your Mr Right and now you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring?



Looking for Mr Right can seem like an endless task for the singleton in search of love, and many people over the years have written and people continue to write about this quest. The journey to find love isn’t always smooth; there can be tears on the way but what about the tears of joy which come with a marriage proposal?

Many girls dream of the day that Mr Right proposes and so look forward to the romantic occasion for years before, but what of the ring? Many women today are happy to be a part of the decision process when it comes to which ring to choose. This can be either because they have such a specific ring in mind, maybe a round cut solitaire diamond engagement rings in platinum for example, then anything other than that may lead to disappointment. Moreover, you are guaranteed to get the sizing of a ring correct if you (the lady) are able to try it on then and there. 

Another reason why women are enjoying being a part of the process of choosing a ring is because there are such a variety of rings available, with different cuts and styles, such as a princess cut shoulder set white gold engagement ring for example. They do not know what type or style they prefer without the opportunity to look. So men, bear this in mind, women may not know what they want and so do not expect you to know or make the decision alone either. 

Mad About Diamonds have a great selection of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from with the added benefit of being solely an online retailer we are able to pass on our savings on to you the customer! To talk to our in house specialist please call 0151 632 7747.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings


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Jessie Wallace confirms she is engaged after been seen wearing an engagement ring


Here at Mad About Diamonds we like to keep all of our customers up to date with any news on engagement rings. According to recent news reports Jessie Wallace – a well-known Eastenders actress who plays barmaid Kat Moon - is getting engaged to catering company manager Vincent Morse.

She has recently told magazines that her first date was a disaster! But she is sure that she has found love third time round. Jessie was spotted at a petrol station with co-star Shane Ritchie, wearing what looked like an engagement ring. It has now been formally confirmed that Jessie is engaged.

When Jessie met her fiancé Morse, she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. She said "I never thought I'd see the day when I got married. I've never been this happy with a man before." Diamond engagement rings are usually the most popular amongst celebrities but a close up image of Jessie’s ring has not yet been released. White gold engagement rings are also a popular choice and from the picture of Jessie at the petrol station, it could be said that a white gold engagement ring may have been her ring of choice.

At Mad About Diamonds, we have a wide range of engagement rings and we are sure that we have something for your special partner. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings, check out our selection online of solitaire engagement rings and handmade engagement rings for those looking for something a little more special. Or contact us now via telephone on 0151 632 7747.

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Diamond engagement rings will not be beaten even in this ever modernising world.


At a time where many people are trying to stay one step ahead of the curve in terms of fashion and showing off with the fact that they are trend setters not followers, one thing we can be certain of is that the diamond reigns supreme in terms of engagement rings. The diamond is not only a classic gemstone but its brilliance goes beyond looks as it has now become a symbol of love and commitment.

Despite the recent trend that sees the sapphire becoming a popular engagement stone of choice due to the ring Prince William gave Kate Middleton, it is possible to say that the diamond continues to hold the market share when it comes to the choice of stone for engagement rings. Whether it is as the main stone or as accompanying stones, such as in shoulder set form. Modern technology has also helped the diamond hold the crown for engagement ring stone of choice as it is available in such a variety of cuts. If you wanted to step away from a more traditional cut such as a round cut ring or a princess cut diamond engagement ring, then a shape like the marquise engagement ring could tempt you, or for ever more of a unique choice it is possible to find heart shaped diamonds.

At Mad About Diamonds we have a huge selection of diamond engagement rings to choose from, in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for more traditional round cut solitaire diamond engagement rings or an emerald cut or something a little different such as an oval cut engagement ring. As we are an online retailer only we are able to pass our savings on to you the customer, without sacrificing on service. For more information on our diamond engagement rings range please feel free to email us: info@madaboutdiamonds.com.


marquise engagement ring 

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Trends in handmade engagement rings


Styles of handmade engagement rings will always be influenced by the interests and culture of the person purchasing them. Take for example the rings of a couple of generations ago; they tend to be shoulder set engagement ring in the art deco style. While there are obviously always differences of personal preference, these rings are generally focused on one high quality round cut diamond with smaller diamonds on the arms.

While in modern times we have a plethora of choices when choosing a style of handmade engagement rings, we are still influenced by trends. Currently the most popular choice is the round cut then princess cut diamond engagement rings, however other cuts such as marquise and pear are also popular.

Current themes influencing handmade engagement rings at the moment are the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and the hugely popular Twilight saga of films. In early 2010 Prince William proposed to Catherine using his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The piece is a cluster ring with a huge sapphire as the focus, which is encircled by smaller diamonds. Stephanie Meyer’s ever popular Twilight saga is reaching the end of its film run. In the last film we saw Edward proposing to Bella with his mother’s stunning shoulder set engagement ring, dating back from the late 1800’s. This has seen a huge wave of popularity for both diamond dress rings and engagement rings in its likeness.  This is not a unique phenomenon, as the 2001 Lord of the Rings trilogy also sparked a wave of copycat rings.
For more information on diamond engagement ring styles or to build your own ring please follow this link: Mad About Diamonds.

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Why choose white gold engagement rings?


If you are trying to decide which metal you would like for your diamond engagement ring, then look no further - this post will put forward the pros and cons of white gold engagement rings.

Typically when we think of gold, we think yellow; however there is a variety of colours available when it comes to gold. Topping the leader board as the second most popular colour is white gold. White gold is becoming renowned as an ideal complement for diamonds and so white gold engagement rings are becoming more and more sought after. Historically, white gold was made fashionable for jewellery purposes in the 1920’s as a more affordable alternative to platinum. White gold engagement rings, as well as wedding rings are especially prominent in jewellery from the art deco period.

What are the facts about white gold – the majority (if not all) of white gold is plated with rhodium, which is from the platinum family and is used to make white gold even whiter. The electro plating perfects the finish of the metal and conceals any stains or browning created by the alloying process. The plating can come off over time; however it is possible to have it replaced. White gold is easy to care for by using a soft cleaning cloth, but remember to store all yellow gold separately.

Platinum does have some advantages over white gold however, as it does not need the rhodium coating to make it brilliantly white, it is also hard wearing and will not need the maintenance that white gold potentially would. The main factor that puts people off platinum however, is the cost – white gold is a cheaper alternative.

At Mad About Diamonds we stock both platinum and white gold engagement rings and so you can chose by building your own ring which one you prefer the look of. We also offer an extensive choice of ring cuts, such as round cut or princess cut diamond engagement rings and style of ring whether you are looking for a shoulder set or solitaire diamond engagement rings. If you would like to speak to one of our experts please contact us as we are more than willing to help. 

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New York legalises same sex marriages: bring on the engagements and diamond engagement rings


It was announced on Friday 24th of June 2011, at roughly midnight, that Governor Andrew Cuomo signed same sex marriages into law in New York City. This lead to extra special celebrations for the LGBT community, as the Pride Parade commenced in Manhattan the following Sunday. New York was the sixth biggest state to pass this law, by 33 – 29 votes, it will come into practice from the 24th of July. Although there are some questions around what this legislation will actually mean for same sex couples rights, one thing is for sure this was one-step forward for the equal rights movement.

If you are looking for the perfect ring for your perfect person, Mad About Diamonds have a great selection that you can choose from. With all types of cuts available at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Whether you are looking for a marquise engagement rings or princess cut diamond engagement rings we have excellent quality pieces ready for you, all of which are made in the UK. Being an online retailer, we can pass on our savings by not having the overheads of a high street shop straight to you. Our certified diamonds supply comes from the top three grading laboratories, so we do not compromise on quality. We also have a special ring building section on our site so that you can ensure that all of the details making your diamond engagement ring of choice are perfect – even the price! For more information on what we can offer you or to speak to one of the team please call us on 0151 632 7747.

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Kate Moss losesĀ her diamond engagement ring at Glastonbury 2011!


Kate Moss was seen practically hyperventilating side of stage whilst watching as fiancé Jamie Hince of The Kills played on stage as she noticed that her £14,000 diamond engagement ring was missing. The ring which was inspired by a one owned by twenties icon Zelda Fitzgerald had disappeared and Moss was begging friends to search on their hands and knees through the mud. She was reportedly seen shifting mud with her foot whilst crying in an attempt to find it. It has also been reported that roughly two hours later and still crying, Kate Moss went to the loo and whilst looking for tissues in her handbag discovered the “missing” ring.

There was much speculation around Moss and Hince’s engagement, such as; they were already secretly wed, however it has subsequently been stated that the couple will marry this July. According to reports, Moss, 37 and Hince 40, will marry on July 2nd with Kate’s eight year old daughter Lila Grace (from her former partner Jefferson) as bridesmaid.

If you are searching for inspiration as to the type of engagement ring to choose, visit Mad About Diamonds, where there are plenty of ideas and styles of diamond engagement rings to suit. If you know exactly what you are looking for and want a competitive price – why not try our ring builder which can help you create that perfect moment, with the perfect ring. We have white gold engagement rings as well as palladium and platinum to choose from – with cuts ranging from a brilliant cut to princess cut diamond engagement rings as well as cluster and three stone rings available at your fingertips.


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