Solitaire diamond engagement rings: The 4 C’s.



Solitaire diamond engagement rings are a classic choice when you are going to pop the big question to your loved one, but how do you choose the perfect diamond for your perfect lady? The diamond industry relate to the quality of diamonds with the 4 C’s Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Every single diamond can be described by these elements which are used to determine the diamonds overall value and indeed quality.

Carat – Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. A metric carat is a unit of mass which is equal to 200mg.

Clarity – Created by nature under tremendous heat and pressure, nearly all diamonds contain unique internal characteristics called inclusions and external characteristics called blemishes. Many clarity characteristics are too tiny to be seen by anyone other than a trained gemmologist. Diamonds with the few inclusions or blemishes are considered to be more desirable and therefore more expensive. Clarity is very important when choosing solitaire diamond engagement rings.

Colour – Truly colourless diamonds are very rare and highly valued. Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), uses letters to represent colours of diamonds, beginning with D which is colourless and ending at Z which is light yellow or brown. Diamonds in other colours such as blue, pink, black, green and orange are extremely rare but do occur.

Cut – While diamonds can be sculpted into different shapes, the term "cut" actually refers to a diamond's complex relationship with light. A number of factors influence a diamond's cut grade, including its overall face-up appearance, design and craftsmanship. There are many different cuts of diamond including princess, pear, round, emerald, marquise and oval just to name a few.

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Diamond engagement rings for Amir and Faryal.



Diamond engagement rings were exchanged over the weekend as boxing star Amir Khan and fiancé Faryal Makhdoom celebrated their engagement at the football ground of Amir’s local club Bolton Wanderers, the happy couple celebrated their announcement with family and friends at the Reebok Stadium.

 The couple swapped diamond engagement rings in front of 1000 people at a lavish £150,000 engagement party with many of the boxer’s footballer friends in attendance, including fellow sportsmen Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ricky Hatton and David Haye as well as Bolton football stars Kevin Davies and Jussi Jaaskelainen. It is believed that Amir formally proposed and surprised his bride to be to be with a £100,000 princess cut, shoulder set diamond engagement ring. Amir has also followed the new trend of wearing an engagement ring, traditionally only the women would wear one. The couple received many engagement presents including a new car, the couple were given a BMW 750Li from the bride to be's father, Shaukat, and mum Zia. Once the couple are married they will live in Amir’s home town Bolton, Faryal is currently a student studying in New York which is where her parents live.

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Diamond engagement rings this Valentine’s Day


Diamond engagement rings are a very popular gift on Valentine’s Day as are other items such as flowers, chocolates, and jewellery. Valentine’s Day is held to celebrate the love and affection between two people that are in a relationship. Many romantic couples will dine in nice restaurants or have a cosy night in on February 14th, but what is the history behind this day of love?

Presently, the Catholic Church recognises at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. The precise origins of Valentine’s Day are still very unclear, one legend claims St Valentine was a Roman priest, famed for marrying couples in secret against the rules of the emperor Claudius II, who believed that all young men would make better soldiers if they stayed single without the distraction a wife may bring. Another story portrays St Valentine as a prisoner in the 15th century who fell in love with his jailor’s daughter and sent her the very first Valentine’s card on the day before his execution he signed the letter "From your Valentine", an expression that is still in use today.

Diamond engagement rings have not always been a popular gift around Valentine’s Day. Here in the UK, Valentine's Day began to become popular around the seventeenth century. Towards the end of the eighteenth century, it was common for friends and lovers to exchange small tokens of affection or handwritten notes. By the end of the century with improvements in technology and the invention of the printing press, printed cards began to replace written letters. Ready-made cards were an easy way for people to express their emotions in a time when direct expression of one's feelings was discouraged.

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Solitaire diamond engagement rings for Holly Valance


Solitaire diamond engagement rings were a hot topic last week at the Radio Times party at The Claridge’s Hotel, London as 28-year-old Australian actress Holly Valance was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger. It is believed that Holly’s fiancé business tycoon Nick Candy asked Holly to marry him in the Maldives four weeks ago whilst the couple were enjoying a relaxing holiday at the £3,000 a night Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives a few days before Christmas. She Tweeted the news of her engagement via a picture of her showing him getting down on one knee on the beach, with 'Will You Marry Me?' written out in fire. She accompanied her tweet with the words 'And I said YES!!! Happiest day of my life'.

The couple met in 2009 at a mutual friend’s dinner party and Holly has spoken openly of her love for Nick. Her fiancé’s 39th Birthday party was the first time Holly had been seen wearing the huge solitaire diamond engagement ring in public, this may be due to having the ring re-sized. The ring itself holds a gigantic solitaire diamond on a platinum band, the diamond is princess cut and is approximately 5 carats.

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Diamond engagement rings: The Golden Globes 2012


Diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond dress rings were just some of the jewellery being flashed at the 69th annual Golden Globe awards in Hollywood where actors and actresses are acknowledged for their work in film and television. It is now officially award season, over the next few months we will see all of the celebrities stepping out in their hottest outfits and their most extravagant diamond jewellery.

Amongst the winners at the famous award ceremony were actress Kate Winslet and actor Idris Elba, winners on the red carpet however included Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Tilda Swinton, and Sofia Vergara. Diamond engagement rings were just one of the dazzling accessories at the ceremony with Angelina in 25 carat platinum and diamond stud earrings as well as a 12 carat diamond cocktail ring. Kate Beckinsale teamed her gown with diamond stacked bracelets, which appeared to be rather popular amongst many celebrities last night, and a pair of huge oversized chandelier diamond earrings, it is estimated Kate was wearing a grand total of 300 carats. Sofia Vergara the star of American hit comedy Modern Family was also dripping in diamonds as she wore a huge 160 carats in total including chandelier earrings and stacked bracelets like Kate, worth more than $5,000,000. Tilda Swinton known for her avant-garde style wore a 1940s sapphire, diamond and 18 carat gold coil cuff bracelet with Edwardian style diamond and platinum brooches. Recently in the news celebrating her engagement Natalie Portman was also at the ceremony last night wearing 55 carats of diamonds including her diamond engagement ring.

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Diamond engagement rings: Supply is not meeting demand.


Diamond engagement rings are highly sought after all around the world, from here in the UK, to Japan, China, America, and  Australia just to name a few. The biggest diamond producer by value in the world is Botswana, Africa, which currently is home to the Jwaneng diamond mine which is the richest diamond mine in the world. In Botswana diamond exports account for approximately 70 percent of its foreign currency earnings and nearly 50 percent of its national revenue.

The company Botswana Diamonds is hoping to team up with a new partner that is offering new technologies and approaches in finding diamonds to meet the new rise in demand. The main aim of the possible new partnership is to find diamondiferous kimberlite pipes with the potential to develop long life mines with high volumes of diamonds that hold high value, this is good news for all of you diamond lovers that are hoping to dazzle your partners with diamond engagement rings in the New Year.

Part of the growth in demand for diamonds is due to an increase of sales in China which is now the second largest consumer of diamonds, Chinese consumers spend around six times more than his or her Western counterpart on acquiring luxury goods such as solitaire diamond engagement rings which makes this a very exciting market for the diamond industry.

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Diamond engagement rings: The Midas Touch!



Choosing diamond engagement rings is a difficult task for most men, the majority of men will opt to ask a friend or family member of their loved one to help them decide which ring would be best when popping the big question. This was not the case in Scotland this week as John Greenwood set himself an extra challenge, John spend months panning for gold in local rivers in the Highlands, over only 3 months he found a total of 34 grams, this had completely astonished experts in the gold panning area, experts believe that most gold panning enthusiasts can spend 30 years panning and get just a fraction of this. To collect this gold John simply used a gold pan, shovel, trowel and rake and spent hours in the chilly water between September and December, he believes he must have had beginners luck to get so much gold in such a short period of time.

Diamond engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, from solitaire diamond engagement rings to multi stone diamond engagement rings which is what John opted for, John used 4 grams of the gold that he panned to create his girlfriends, 3 diamond Celtic band style ring which carries its own unique character. With 30 grams left over John has decided he will have the remaining gold made into the couple’s wedding bands for their big day.

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Diamond engagement rings: A work of art!



Diamond engagement rings are the perfect way to show your loved one how much they mean to you and that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Drew Barrymore was looking radiant this week as she showed off her new sparkler from her boyfriend of just under a year Will Kopelman, an art consultant, who proposed during a winter break in Sun Valley, Idaho. Diamond engagement rings are never easy to choose, Drews ring certainly has an artist edge, it is a 4 carat colourless radiant princess cut diamond engagement ring with accent diamond stones set into the band which complement the stone immensely. 

Surprisingly this is Drew’s fifth engagement, so diamond engagement rings are not a new thing for her. Drew has not had much luck in the marriage department in the past, she has been married twice before to bar owner Jeremy Thomas in 1994 and more recently comedian Tom Green in 2001, both of these marriages lasted less than five months, it seems Drew is doing a Brittany and going for third time lucky with Will.

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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Clarity and its importance for Diamonds


The key aspect of princess cut diamond engagement rings is unarguably the diamond. The princess cut is very popular at the moment, with its simple elegance and its multifaceted appeal. These rings offer a beautiful and timeless piece, with which to declare your love for your partner. When choosing pieces such as solitaire diamond engagement rings, which feature a single gem, the clarity of the diamond should be the priority. Other priorities include the setting of the ring and the material that it is made from. Like many aspects of fashion princess cut diamond engagement rings are also subject to trends. For example, platinum is the metal of choice for many couples this season. However, gold remains a firm favourite across our ranges here at Mad About Diamonds!

Clarity in diamonds refers to how well the gem catches the light and is one of the key 4 c’s of the diamond industry. The highest quality, in terms of clarity, attainable is “Internally Flawless (IF)” which has no cracks or flaws which impede the flow of light and make the stones more valuable. With princess cut diamond engagement rings, as the cut of the ring is of the upmost importance then the flow of light within the diamond should be a huge consideration. As flaws and imperfections are caused during the creation of the diamond, they are usually present throughout the diamond and as such cannot easily be removed with shaping. If you have any questions regarding clarity or any other aspect of diamond quality, then contact us at Mad About Diamonds on 0151 625 8800 and we will happily answer your questions.


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Solitaire diamond engagement rings: Fears rise in Zimbabwe


Solitaire diamond engagement rings are the ultimate in chic fashion, but diamonds are a controversial subject at the moment around the world as it is believed that conflict diamonds are being used to fund Robert Mugabe’s regime against political opponents in Zimbabwe this is as the elections draw close. Experts believe the Kimberley Press are partly to blame as their campaign to control conflict diamonds has failed.

This past weekend, Anjin Investments, a Chinese-led venture in Zimbabwe in partnership with Robert Mugabe's government, declared that it was now the world's biggest diamond producer, with a huge supply of over three million carats to sell. The company, which thanked the Kimberley Process for its backing, is funding a new military college in Zimbabwe.

Reports from Zimbabwe suggest that Robert Mugabe’s secret police also known as the truly feared Central Information Organisation (CIO), is flush with cash, and has purchased hundreds of vehicles and harmful weapons from China in recent months. Salaries of officers have been increased and thousands of new officers have been recruited and trained, raising fearful concerns that they will be used to intimidate voters in next year's elections.

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Diamond engagement rings: Britney Spears, third time lucky.


Diamond engagement rings are not a new accessory for American singer Britney Spears as she is engaged for a third time. Britney’s former agent come boyfriend Jason Trawick allegedly popped the big question before Christmas in Los Angeles after dating Britney since 2009. The couple showed off the ring and their happiness at the news over the weekend as they celebrated Jason’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas in the Chocolate Lounge at the Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel before carrying on the festivities at a dance party at the Chateau nightclub.

The ring itself is a dazzling 3 carat round cut diamond engagement ring, with a shoulder setting paved with accent diamonds that enhance the beautiful centre stone. The diamond engagement ring follows the current vintage fashion. Britney Spears is no stranger to Las Vegas, back in 2004 she got married there to her first husband and childhood friend, Jason Alexander, the marriage did not last long and was annulled after only 55 hours. Britney was also previously married to dancer Kevin Federline for two years, with whom she has two children.  Hopefully for Britney this is her third time lucky and they will be very happy with each other.

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Diamond engagement rings: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?


Diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of styles today ranging from the very plain solitaire diamond engagement rings, right up to the more elaborate multi stone and cluster style rings. One diamond engagement ring that was at the height of conversation in 2011 was of course Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond ring, the sapphire blue colour set off a new trend. Although highly desirable most ladies that are due to become engaged are hoping for a diamond, what about a blue diamond? Blue diamonds are extremely rare this is certainly reflected in their price.   Blue diamonds have been in the news this week as one recently found has been sold for a record breaking £300,000 per carat.

The company Petra Diamonds has achieved the highest price per carat of any rough diamond it has ever sold. The 4.8 carat blue stone was sold for $1.45m, (£920,000) or £300,000 a carat. The diamond itself was discovered in the company’s Cullinan mine in South Africa, from which a number of stones in the Crown Jewels were found. These include the Cullinan 1 and the Lesser Star of Africa, which can now be found in the Imperial State Crown, and the Star of Africa, which is found in the Sceptre.

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