Diamond Engagement Rings: Marriage is in the air!


Marriage has certainly been in the air this week as we see celebrity couples tying the knot here in the UK and across the pond in America. Including the Oscar nominated actress Carey Mulligan who received a beautiful diamond engagement ring last September from her now musician husband Marcus Mumford who is the lead singer from the band Mumford and Sons. The ring was a brilliant round cut diamond set in platinum with a sapphire shoulder setting. The theme of the wedding was rustic country and took place on a farm in Somerset, rumours have it that Marcus’s father performed the marriage as he is a vicar. The couple have been dating for a year, guests that attended the wedding included Colin Firth, Sienna Miller and Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Another couple that also tied the knot recently was singer/songwriter Neil Diamond and his manager Katie McNeil, the couple were married over the weekend at a small wedding with close family and friends in Los Angeles. This was Neil’s third marriage, Neil also proposed to Katie last September with a diamond engagement ring.

British actress Patsy Palmer and husband Richard Merkell also hit the news this week as the couple renewed their wedding vows after twelve years of marriage, the couple were originally married in a London registry office but they had their renewal ceremony on a beach in the Caribbean with their 4 children Charley, Fenton, Emilia and Bertie.

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Diamond engagement rings: The Beau Sancy


Diamonds are traditionally given to ladies as a symbol of love and commitment often in the form of diamond engagement rings. Diamonds come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes from marquise cut, brilliant round to baguettes and the ever popular princess cut, there is a diamond to suit ever lady no matter what her style is. Diamonds have been treasured and given as luxurious gifts for many centuries, this week the famous Beau Sancy diamond has hit the news as it goes up for auction in three weeks’ time.

The Beau Sancy is four hundred years old and is being put to auction after living in private hands for many years, the diamond weighs in at 35 carats and has been cut with 110 perfectly symmetrical facets, the precious stone is pear shaped, which was unusual for that time period. The diamond originated from a mine in the Eastern Deccan region of India.

Pre-auction estimations state that the gem will fetch up to £2.5 million, it is currently on show in Paris and will move to London, Zurich and finally Geneva where it will be auctioned at Sotheby’s auction house. When the stone was cut, it was considered to be modern and bold as it was one of the first diamonds to be cut into the pear shape. In 1604 the diamond was purchased by King Henri IV of France and given to his wife Marie de Medici who was one of Europe’s richest women.

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Diamond engagement rings for Angelina!


The very first glimpse of Angelina Jolie’s diamond engagement ring was captured earlier this week, this has been long awaited as her and fiancé Brad Pitt have been together for seven years and now have six children together, three biological and three adopted. The couple announced their engagement last week to the public so everyone has been out to catch a glimpse of the diamond engagement ring. At this time no date has been set for the big day however the couple are said to be having a chapel built on their property in France.

Rumours have it that Brad himself helped design the amazing diamond engagement ring with the help of a jeweller friend, the ring took a huge 12 months to design and create. The ring has been estimated to be worth a massive $250,000, it holds a emerald cut diamond in platinum paved with smaller baguette diamond and carries an element of Art Deco style.

Marriage is not new to the celebrity couple as Angelina has been married twice before firstly to British actor Jonny Lee Miller between 1996 and 1999 and then Billy Bob Thornton, from 2000 to 2003. Brad has also been married before, famously to Jennifer Aniston which lasted five years before they announced they were divorcing in early 2005. Brad and Angelina met in 2005 on the set of the film Mr and Mrs Smith of which they were both starring alongside one another.

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Diamond Engagement Rings: Huguette Clarks collection is auctioned!


Here at Mad About Diamonds we have previously mentioned the auction of Huguette Clark’s magnificent jewellery collection which included diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces and bracelets as well as other items such as antique photo frames and other unique household items. The announcement of the auction sparked an amazing amount of attention internationally, as it was believed that the collection had been locked away in a volt since the 1940’s. The collection was finally auctioned earlier this week so how did the estimates match up to the final selling prices?

The piece that stole the show hands down was the 9 carat,  Belle Epoque, cushion cut, pink diamond engagement ring which fetched a huge $15.7 million (£9.8million), this is the most valuable pink diamond every sold at auction in America. The whole sale of Mrs Clark’s items took a grand total of $20.8 million (£13.2million). Other items that were popular included a 19 carat emerald cut diamond ring by Cartier that sold for $3.1 million (£1.9million), an Art Deco diamond bracelet by Cartier that sold for $578,500 (£362,083) and a ruby, sapphire, emerald and gold bracelet by Tiffany & Co. that sold for $266,500 (£166,802).

As well as diamond jewellery, Mrs Clark was also an avid art and antiques enthusiast, her will states that her $100 million home in Santa Barbara will become a public museum. She also had a doll collection which is estimated to be worth a phenomenal $4 million.

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Diamond engagement rings: Celebrities have been popping the question!


March was a busy month for celebrity engagements with the likes of actor Alec Baldwin and rapper Wiz Khalifa both purchasing diamond engagement rings for their special ladies. So what do we know about these happy couples? And more importantly what style of diamond engagement rings did these two luck ladies receive?

The 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin popped the big question to his now fiancée Hilaria Thomas a couple of weeks ago, the couple have been dating for just over a year. Since the announcement Hilaria has been spotted wearing a beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring, which is a very popular style at the moment, the ring is also paved with smaller diamonds.

Wiz Khalifa also asked his girlfriend Amber Rose for her hand in marriage this month with a diamond engagement ring. The ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper, went for a rather unique style of ring with an oval shaped diamond. The couple have been dating for just over a year and are believed to already be planning their wedding, with rumours Amber has already got her dress.

Jay – Z also hit the news recently as he was spotted in New York shopping for a blue diamond ring for his wife Beyonce, it is believed that the ring was given to Beyonce in a ceremony on the 4th April, which is the couple’s wedding anniversary. The pair celebrated by renewing their wedding vows with special celebrity guests such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and Oprah Winfrey and family present.

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Diamond engagement rings: The Crown Jewels


Diamond engagement rings are worn by millions of lucky ladies every day as a sign of their commitment to one man, they are available in a wide range of styles and designs to suit the tastes of a multitude of women all wanting something a little different. Recently diamonds have been at the height of conversation as we here in the UK prepare for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which will take place in June this year.

One of the many preparations has involved the spectacular Crown Jewels going up on display in the Tower of London for all to see. The jewels are used traditionally at the coronation of a monarch; they hold some of the world’s most famous and impressive diamonds and date back to the 12th century. The collection includes the amazing Imperial State Crown which is set with 2969 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires and 11 emeralds. Other items that are involved in a coronation include diamond rings, swords, orbs, sceptres, bracelets and ropes.

Among the famous diamonds on display in the Tower is the First Star of Africa which is mounted at the top of the Sovereign's Sceptre, it is the largest flawless cut diamond in the world, weighing in at an impressive 545 carats. The Lesser Star of Africa, weighing 317 carats is set in the Imperial State Crown, both were cut from the Cullinan diamond, which was the largest rough diamond ever found.

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Diamond Engagement Rings: The Perfect Cut!


Diamonds are highly sought after all around the world, they are arguably the most beautiful precious stones available on the planet. This is, arguably, why they are incorporated into diamond engagement rings, to show your loved one how much you love them and a way of showing them you want to spend the rest of your life with them. However, have you ever wondered how are these elegant stones are crafted to such perfection?

Diamond engagement rings come in a whole host of different shapes and sizes from the classic solitaire diamond engagement rings with a single stone to shoulder set or multi stone diamond engagement rings. The method of diamond cutting turns a rough diamond taken from the ground into a faceted gem, this process requires knowledge, expertise, equipment, tools and time in order to get the most out of the stone. Each individual stone is actually analysed to assess the best way to cut it, this is done with a scanning device which takes a three dimensional image of the stone. This image includes any inclusions and flaws which can determine how the stone will be cut and what shape diamond will be produced. Other factors which affect the shapes of diamonds include market demand for certain shaped stones, preservation of the carat weight of the stone and the original shape of the rough diamond.

The cut of a diamond refers to the proportioning, symmetry and polish of diamond engagement rings, the aim of the perfect diamond cut is to ensure it reflects as much light as possible making it luminous and radiant. At Mad About Diamonds we offer a huge range of diamond engagement rings including marquise diamond engagement rings for those of you that are looking for something unique and princess cut diamond engagement rings for those that like to keep up with the latest fashions.

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Diamond Engagement Rings: April’s Birthstone


Diamond engagement rings are the perfect way to show your special lady how much she means to you and as a way of demonstrating commitment to her. Diamonds are also the birthstone of those born in April, so if your girlfriend is an Aries why not make it a proposal with an extra special touch by choosing a diamond engagement ring. Some people choose sapphires, rubies or emeralds but nothing says ‘marry me’ like a diamond. Some say that those born in April are the luckiest for having the diamond as their birthstone, the month was named by the Romans as April meant to open, this gave reference to the beginning of spring when the buds and flowers begin to blossom.

The history of the diamond dates back many centuries with numerous stories and myths along the way. For example, many believed that Cupid’s Arrow was tipped in diamonds; this is where the precious stones symbolic association with love, beauty and trust stems from. Others believed that wearing a diamond would protect them from infectious diseases such as the plague. Diamonds are also given when a couple celebrates their 60th wedding anniversary as a symbol of how strong their relationship has been to last such a length of time. The giving of a diamond engagement ring first began in 1477 when Mary of Burgandy received one from the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, since then the tradition has become common practice and diamond engagement rings are very popular today.

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