Whether loose or set in gold or silver jewellery, gemstones such as diamonds are a symbol of elegance and romance. Diamonds are number one on most women’s wish lists, so whenever you give a loved one a gift such as diamond dress rings, it really makes them feel really special. Mad About Diamonds has a great selection of diamond dress rings, necklaces, earrings and diamond engagement rings.

Diamond earrings have a very special place in every lady’s heart, as earrings made with diamonds are so beautiful and sophisticated. Earrings adorned with diamonds are suitable for any occasion and also go perfectly with any type of dress so there is no problem finding the perfect pair to ensure your loved one sparkle’s with pride. Mad About Diamonds has a selection of stud and cluster diamond earrings, such as the REVEL 3 stone earring with its classic design it will accentuate any outfit. Mad About Diamonds also has a matching 3 stone drop pendant.

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring to surprise your special someone with, Mad About Diamonds has a wide selection. Engagement rings come in a variety of designs, such as single solitaire rings, shoulder set rings, multi stone rings and cluster rings.

Solitaire diamond engagement rings offer a classic round cut, designed with the best shape to reflect the light, resulting in a truly beautiful sparkle. The ZANTE solitaire engagement ring is stunning; the ring has one pear cut diamond that truly sparkles.
Shoulder set engagement rings combine the best of two worlds. Whilst still having the solitaire diamond in the middle, you also have ‘shoulder stones’ on either side. The shoulder stones add extra sparkle to the solitaire diamond engagement ring without detracting from the beauty of it. The FLORENCE shoulder set ring offers maximum sparkle of both the solitaire and shoulder stone, providing a really dazzling effect.
Finding the perfect diamond dress ring to present to the love of your life can be no easy task. Mad About Diamonds are able to build your ring to your exact specifications and the rings can be made in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Talk to one of the experts at Mad About Diamonds by calling 0151 632 7747 to see if they can help you design your perfect ring.