Millions of people are betrothed each year and so engagement rings are also sold in their millions around the world. If you are thinking about proposing then putting yourself in a woman’s shoes could help you in this process. This article will particularly focus on the choosing of a ring.

Diamond engagement rings are the classic item to go for when looking at engagement rings – even today you are more likely to see a diamond on a woman’s engagement ring than a sapphire (despite growing popularity). Today it is believed that roughly 73% of women are part of the ring buying process, either directly or indirectly. I am wholeheartedly behind men using this to their advantage – take all the help you can get! It is a heavy burden when it comes to making the choice, you have to think about; the stone (diamond or otherwise), the shape (round cut or princess cut...), the metal (gold, white gold, platinum….) one stone or more… as well as carat and clarity. The list is never ending! Moreover, you have to consider the question of whether or not your loved one knows what she wants at all. Your proposal can be magical even without a ring or with a stand in ring and then you can both enjoy (not feel the pressure of) the ring buying process.

I would like to emphasise that if your partner has hinted at the fact that they love surprises or along the lines of the choice being solely down to you, then making her part of the ring buying process may not be the best move to make. If this is the case then use what you know to your advantage. Look in her jewellery box to discover the type of metal she wears, the types of rings she chooses, she may wear diamond dress rings and so diamonds could be a distinct winner when it comes to the stone. Ask subtle questions; talk around the subject, for example mention her friend’s choice of rings if possible…

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