Proposals are one of those dream days or an extra special moment in your life that you will cherish forever. If you are planning on treating the one you love like a princess when you propose, by creating a magical perfect setting, then a princess cut diamond engagement ring is the perfect ring, adding the icing to the cake! There are many ways that you can propose, a romantic and classic choice is at a restaurant, and other options include an intimate picnic on the beach (weather permitting), the place where you had your first day or simply somewhere that is special to the both of you. Whatever way you decide to propose, if you are planning on proposing with a ring then make sure you put thought and effort into it.

When thinking about the right ring to choose, if you have considered the following then you could be on to a winner. What to think about in regards to the diamond; the cut – we’ve already mentioned princess cut diamond engagement rings (the second most popular choice generally, after the round / brilliant cut), the theme for this particular piece. The carat, the weight of the diamond this is dependent on budget more than anything else. Clarity, almost all diamonds have imperfections, the ones with little or no imperfections are the ones with the higher clarity grades. Colour, this is not necessarily a colour you should expect to see, in fact it refers to the lack of colour, if a diamond is white it will receive a high quality grade.

Other considerations are the setting for the stone, i.e the metal that will hold the diamonds. Currently, it is fair to say that white metals are in fashion, so if your fiancé happens to be a fashionista, then white gold engagement rings or platinum are a good choice. However, if she does not typically wear a white metal, such as silver on a daily basis and leans more towards gold, the go with her preference, as you will want her to wear this ring for a long time.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings can also be jazzed up with shoulder stones or as a trilogy ring – why have one diamond when you can have three!? However, if your partner prefers understated to elaborate then a solitaire ring could be the perfect choice. This is a big factor in the ring buying process, what does she wear jewellery wise on a daily basis? Have a look in her jewellery box to draw inspiration in regards to the type of thing she like and chooses for herself.
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