Marquise engagement rings are, simply put, rings with a long oval diamond in them. Though, we at Mad About Diamonds are clear on the fact that there’s a lot more to them than that!

The cut was originally developed in France in the 19th Century, where legend has it that King Louis XV requested a diamond cut that mirrored the beautiful shape of the mouth of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour.  This complicated blend of nobility and sexuality somehow translates into the marquise diamond cut even in the present day.

Over time, the style has been developed into a whole sub-genre of diamond cuts, ostensibly where the shape and size of the diamond is adapted by the diamond cutter.  By opting for a marquise diamond cut, a skilled artisan can maximise the carat weight of a rough diamond whilst also accentuating its brilliance and clarity through careful alterations in the symmetry and alignment of its facets.  This additional working is also responsible for the famous “bow-tie” effect, where additional character can be layered into marquise engagement rings.  Furthermore, the oval shape of the diamond concentrates the stones mass in its top facet, which creates the optical effect of increasing its apparent size.

The stylishness of their lines, as well as their traditional stretched-ellipse shape, means that marquise engagement rings are very popular, particularly as solitaire diamond engagement rings, as they tend to accentuate the length of a ladies’ finger, rather than obscuring it.

However, that doesn’t mean they cannot work in conjunction with other stones – on the contrary, their shape is ideally suited to accompanying with accent stones, either in bridal sets or accented rings, where they allow for symmetrical partnering with stones in a variety of cuts and shapes.

Over and above everything else, marquise engagement rings, through the unpredictability of their cut, add individuality to the inevitable elegance of their shape.

At Mad About Diamonds, we have a fantastic range of diamond engagement rings. If you want to bring a unique slant to a timeless and enduring piece of jewellery, come and visit our website right now.