Historically bands have been a part of both betrothal and marriage processes since ancient times, it would actually be difficult to have either ritual without the presence of bands. With engagement rings and wedding rings typically being closely linked to each other and usually both being worn by married women in particular, they hold distinct characteristics in various ways.

To being with the functions of both rings are different. Engagement rings are the bands given by men to women before marriage in order to indicate the engaged status of their relationship. Wedding rings however are exchanged on the wedding day itself in order to seal the vows and to represent the wearers as being united in becoming husband and wife.  The wife typically wears both wedding and engagement rings whereas; the husband only wears a wedding ring.

In monetary terms couples tend to invest more in engagement rings than they do wedding rings. Engagement rings are also typically more striking because they are an announcement of the next step in a relationship, the soon-to-be married status. Engagement rings therefore, usually have noticeable centre stones such as diamonds. When looking for a diamond engagement ring, you are looking at a huge selection of varying styles and cuts of diamonds. These include princess cut, marquis cut and square cut diamond engagement rings, among many others. Wedding rings are typically a plain a band or a plainer version of engagement rings. Both rings however, typically complement each other when worn together.

Usually both wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left hand on the finger between the middle finger and little finger, which why it is commonly known as the ring finger. There is a traditional belief that this is due to this finger having a vain that is directly linked to the heart, called the vena amori. There are some cultures however, that put their wedding and engagement rings on the right hand.
Fundamentally, wedding and engagement rings represent stages in a couples’ relationship, however these stages are essentially different, with the former being a promise and the latter a ceremonial commitment. Subsequently, even though both rings are different in terms of function and design, both items are based on the concept of love and commitment to each other.

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