If you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your proposal or as a couple after the proposal, have you considered the benefits of shoulder set engagement rings?

If you are looking for a solitaire ring but want to add a little more sparkle without going over the top or adding multiple big stones, then why not think about the styles and shapes you can create with shoulder set engagement rings. You can create beautiful shaped with the shoulder set diamonds, if you like the idea of waves of diamonds then take a look at our Monaco ring, simple but beautiful – even if we do say so ourselves!
Shoulder set engagement rings; do not necessarily have to have a stream of diamonds set on the side, you could choose to have your diamonds set apart in the metal just to add subtle sparkle to the ring setting itself. Choosing a shoulder set ring is also beneficial when thinking about the type of wedding ring you would like as it would be possible to create a matching wedding ring without the centre stone of an engagement ring. 

On the flip side of subtle sparkle, is that if you are looking for a ring that will get people’s attention, then what could be better than one centre diamond and lots of little diamonds to eventuate the features of the ring! If you therefore, are looking for something quirky with an extra special X-factor, take a look at our Venice ring, with diamonds galore this modern ring, could be exactly what you’ve always wanted!

At Mad About Diamonds we have great range of shoulder set diamond engagement rings available to choose from. We love diamonds and therefore, truly believe that these little stones set either side of the main stone really add to the beauty of the centre piece. If you have ideas in regards to the types of shoulder sets you like but cannot find the exact match, why not sketch a rough design and sent it over to us so that we can create your perfect ring. If you would like to talk through design ideas with our in house experts then please contact us, either by email on: info@madaboutdiamonds.com or call 0151 632 7747.