At Mad about Diamonds, we are more than aware of the danger of overegging the pudding when it comes to diamond engagement rings.  You start out with such good intentions – discretion, taste and natural beauty will be your watchwords.  In your mind’s eye, your engagement ring will have the timeless sophistication of Grace Kelly but, as lustre of diamonds in union can have an overwhelming effect – suddenly you find yourself consider an engagement ring that even Elizabeth Taylor would’ve found a trifle gaudy.  In these circumstances, we recommend you consider the attractions of shoulder set engagement rings.

With shoulder set engagement rings, you benefit from an elegant simplicity delivered by the neat lines of the piece. As the diamonds are arranged in symmetric patterns, you can ensure that the piece is designed with style in mind.


With our range of shoulder set engagement rings, your attention is naturally drawn towards a centrally-set diamond that is certified by GIA, IGI and HRD.  The exceptional clarity of this principal gem is then accentuated by a nest of smaller diamonds, set to either side along the shoulder of the ring.

Without drawing your attention away from the simple charm of the centrepiece, these shoulder set diamonds bring an additional concentration of light and texture to the ring as a whole.  Quite simply, by highlighting the focal rock, you can muse on the complexity and quality of its cut whilst, subconsciously, benefitting from the supporting role the smaller rocks play.

With a shoulder set engagement ring, you are, literally, getting the best of both worlds: a striking statement, full of colour and passion, married with an abiding strength and constancy, an appreciation of dignified luxury.

At Mad about Diamonds, we have a wide range of exquisite shoulder set engagement rings to choose from.  Not only that but, if you want something slightly different, we have a team of ring builders who can conjure your engagement ring dreams into reality with little more than a sketch and a conversation to guide them.  Come and visit our website and let us help you get the balance right between the temptations of opulence and enduring style.