Diamonds are, well, a girl’s best friend! At Mad About Diamonds we therefore, believe that they are the best choice for a diamond engagement ring! The beautiful gem stone also has an intrinsic connection with love. So, if you are looking for an engagement ring, diamonds should be your first thought.

Secondly, there is one person in your life that you love more than all others, hence showing the commitment of proposing, and so solitaire diamond engagement rings perfectly encapsulate this with their single stone. One diamond for the one you love – to us it makes perfect sense! Diamond experts also agree that the solitaire stone is the optimal performance setting for a diamond.

The stone cut is all important as there is such a broad range of stone shapes available and if this is the main focus of the ring then it needs to be the right shape for your fiancé to be. The traditional round cut is the classic choice and is simple to look at but beautifully elegant when you consider its makeup. The typical second most popular cut is the princess cut diamond engagement ring, so if you want to treat you loved one like a princess then this could be the cut to go for. If on the other hand you think that your partner is better suited to something a little quirky and different then consider an oval or marquise engagement ring. 

There are however, a number of other factors to consider when choosing engagement rings not only the cut but also, the carrot, clarity and colour of the stone as well as the setting of the ring. The setting is important because you do not want to choose a metal that would not suit your girlfriend’s skin tone or her jewellery choices, for example if she wears gold, then you should be more inclined to choose a gold setting over a platinum setting.

A certain amount of planning and time needs to go into the process of choosing an engagement ring, and so more and more people are choosing to include their partner in this process to ensure that they will treasure the ring they choose forever. However, that is not to say that the romantic gesture of choosing a diamond engagement ring will not have the same effect. If the proposer makes the correct choice, and we at Mad About Diamonds highly recommend solitaire diamond engagement rings, then the ring could create that perfect moment when you propose. For any further tips and advice when choosing engagement rings please feel free to call our experts on 0151 632 7747.