Have you just had the moment of your life so far and the one you love has popped the question? Has he or she left the ring buying process , so that it is something that you both can take part in? Although you may have browsed diamond engagement rings previously you may not have a clear idea in mind in regards to the type of ring you would like to wear for the rest of your life. You may have seen some rings that you like but have ideas about how you would tweak them to better suit your wants and desires.

At Mad About Diamonds we have a handy ring builder that can help you customise our diamond engagement rings. Moreover, if you are keen to fully customise your ring, then as we manufacture all of our rings in the UK, chances are that we can help you in creating your perfect diamond engagement ring! Handmade engagement rings are special because you and your partner can talk together and discuss all aspects that make up an engagement ring, such as the metal, the cut, clarity and carat of the diamond as well as the shape of the ring as a whole. Whether you choose a solitaire diamond engagement rings, with either a traditional round or princess cut or a quirky marquise engagement ring then Mad About Diamonds have the knowledge and ability to help you develop your perfect ring. 

If you are thinking of investing in handmade engagement rings, then think of shapes that you like, cut out pictures of rings that you do like and see if there is a certain pattern in the type of thing that you are picking out. Also think about the jewellery that you wear on a daily basis, if you are not one for wearing gold then do not choose a gold setting when customising your own diamond engagement ring. Also think about the size of the stone you choose, obviously this is also dependant on budget, but you should also consider your current jewellery choices. If you do not wear sparkly big items on a daily basis then you may not be comfortable with a huge rock on your finger.

So, why not design your own diamond engagement ring? If you would like to talk to our experts about handmade engagement rings and our processes and service then please call us on 0151 632 7747 to talk to one of our experts.