At Mad About Diamonds, we aim to bring you a great choice of diamond engagement rings, below we explain how different metals complement diamonds. A diamond is a beautiful precious gem stone, so when looking for an engagement ring you will want a metal that not only suits you but also suits this amazing jewel.

Yellow Gold;
Gold (or yellow gold as it has become lately due to the popularity increase of white gold) is a popular and traditional metal of choice for jewellery. A strip of gold on a finger is always identifiable and suits any ring style, simple or complex, no matter its karat value.

White Gold:
White gold engagement rings are definitely a MAD favourite, what better way to accentuate a white stone than with a white metal!? The lower price of white gold means that a couple can invest more into the centrepiece – the stone (diamond or otherwise)! As a metal, it is growing in popularity, due to its stylish and versatile nature.

For us at MAD we feel, the more options you have the better and so when you customise your own ring, you can also choose platinum as an alternative white metal. It is fair to say that many people may not see the difference between white gold, silver and platinum. Platinum however is pure, rare and strong making it a great choice to represent your love and commitment as a couple.

When choosing a metal for your shoulder set, princess cut or solitaire diamond engagement ring, be sure to bear in mind your metal colour of choice for everyday jewellery, do not choose white gold engagement rings if you tent to wear mainly yellow gold items. Moreover, take a look at what best suits your skin colour, try on different metal colours before choosing your engagement ring to see which you prefer when you are wearing it. At Mad About Diamonds, we also offer you the opportunity to build your own ring, so you truly can find your perfect diamond engagement ring! For more information on our white gold engagement rings or to talk to one of our specialists please call 0151 632 7747.