Imagine the scene: you’re getting ready to go out for a meal with your significant other; you open your jewellery box, run your fingers over the majestic iridescence of your diamond dress rings, pause and decide against them.  After all, it’s not a particularly noteworthy event – it’s not a birthday celebration or an anniversary, you won’t be meeting up with anyone or going on to any party; it’s just a quiet and intimate dinner with the one you love at your favourite, comfortably understated, bistro.

Stop right there!  Diamond dress rings, with their dramatic and eye-catching styling, are designed specifically to add glamour to every occasion, whether formal or informal, large gathering or small.  At Mad about Diamonds, we are firm advocates of the opinion that diamond dress rings should be worn as often as possible – not just for the enjoyment of those who see them and lose themselves in the brilliance of their lustre, but also for the enjoyment of those who wear them and know that, a propos of nothing, they have been given a truly stunning gift as a token of the love someone holds for them.

Knowing this is part of the reason we love these rings so much.  When you go out for a quiet meal with your partner, you are spending time with the most important person in your life.  This is not a time to dress down but, on the contrary, to dress up!  Wearing your diamond dress rings will show him, without words, how much you love him, respect him and treasure the love he has for you.

When Mark Twain said, “Clothes maketh the man”, people generally agree that he was talking about how others will tend to judge you by external appearances.  At Mad about Diamonds, we believe that “Diamonds maketh the women” as the quality of serenity and poise that our rings produce within you will catch the eye of diners far more emphatically than the actual pieces ever will. 

Come and visit our website at today and we will create the perfect diamond dress ring to articulate the mutual affection in your relationship…