Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for the most exquisite princess cut engagement ring money can buy in the UK then you are most definitely in the right place. At Mad About Diamonds, we have an extensive range of princess diamond handmade engagement rings which are all handmade in our state of the art workshop.

Have a look around our great website to see examples of our designs and styles and check out our superb online ring builder.  Due to the fact that all of our princess cut engagement rings are hand crafted and then graded by globally renowned labs such as GIA, HRD and IGI - you really do get a premium engagement ring when you purchase from Mad About Diamonds.

The princess cut engagement ring is a fairly recent innovation in diamond jewellery and is now a particular favourite amongst those looking to purchase a shiny engagement ring with plenty of fire and sparkle. Created by the 50 facets cut into the diamond  the princess cut engagement ring is a great compromise if you are torn between the emerald or round cut designs.

This approach is a mix of the classic and modern diamond ring and has a distinctive square shape with ridged edges. Have a look at some of the examples on the Mad About Diamonds website if you are unsure how the princess diamond engagement rings will look.

Purchase your Princess Cut Engagement Ring online from Mad About Diamonds.  Our personalised service will ensure you get the best possible deal on Princess Cut Rings!