Diamonds are widely applied to many kinds of jewellery and women have always been considerably drawn towards diamonds, especially diamond engagement rings. Every woman has a special bond with her engagement ring and if it is a diamond engagement ring it remains even closer to her heart.  The sparkle of a perfectly cut diamond is simply marvellous and Mad About Diamonds recognises that buying an engagement ring for your loved one is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks you will ever have to do, so finding the perfect ring to present to your partner is important.

Diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs, some of the most popular include solitaire diamond engagement rings or shoulder set engagement rings, all have elegance and style that your loved one will adore. Solitaire rings offer a classic round cut, designed with the best shape to reflect the light, resulting in a truly beautiful sparkle. The classic round cut design can be placed into whichever type of ring your partner would prefer. The Prague solitaire diamond ring is designed for maximum sparkle and the setting is available from Mad About Diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and now palladium. The Perth diamond engagement is an elegant modern version of the classic round cut solitaire and again can be supplied in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and palladium.

If you choose a shoulder set engagement ring you have the classic solitaire centre stone, with diamond shoulder stones on either side to add extra sparkle. Shoulder stones can frame the solitaire diamond and add extra enchantment to a ring, whilst still keeping the focus on the beautiful centre diamond. Mad about diamonds has a fantastic choice of shoulder set engagement rings.

Multi stone engagement rings can exude class and sophistication for any lady that wears one. Whether it is a simple accent of round cut diamonds or something more extravagant a multi stone engagement ring is always something extraordinary to behold.  The Vathy multi stone engagement ring from Mad about diamonds is a wonderfully designed three stone setting made for princess cut diamonds. The prominent centre diamond is slightly larger than the two complementary stones and this stylish ring will sit flawlessly with any wedding band.

If you’re still struggling for which diamond engagement ring to choose browes the collection on our site!