Many men in the UK choose not to wear an engagement ring UK. Based on a straw poll of our team here at Mad About Diamonds, only 1 in 10 men choose to wear an engagement ring. This seems like a real shame to us, why let all the girls have all the fun! There are many styles of ring available for men, so you need not imagine yourself donning a beautiful but feminine princess diamond engagement ring. This is possibly one of the key reasons why most men do not choose to wear an engagement ring.  Even the members of the male gay community have their doubts about the masculinity of diamond engagement rings. “How do you make a diamond engagement ring “masculine” (or at least so it doesn’t look like the ring your grandfather gave your grandmother)?” – Writer on This article created a torrent of comments from men who wear engagement rings. The descriptions seem to follow the trend of shoulder set engagement rings rather than the classical solitaire diamond engagement rings. One comment made particularly made the team at Mad About Diamonds chuckle was:

“After my fiancée proposed, I called my mother and this was her response:
Mother: “Did you get a diamond?”
Me: “Mom, I’m not a woman.”
Mother: “Well do I get a diamond?
Me: “Why should you get a diamond?”
Mother: “Well someone should!”

Another reason why many couples opt not to but rings for men is the price of engagement rings UK. Two engagement rings mean twice the cost and as the average UK wedding cost c. £15,000, men’s engagement rings aren’t seen as a priority. The top three wedding budget consumers are the wedding dress, the catering and the venue. While a beautiful handmade engagement ring would last a lifetime, ensuring that aunty Velma is fed and comfortable may seem a more immediate requirement. At Mad About Diamonds we hand make all our rings to order in our UK based workshops, this means that we keep our costs and therefore yours low. White gold engagement rings are a great alternative to expensive metals such as platinum, if you are shopping on a budget.
Here at Mad About Diamonds we feel that it is about time that men started to wear engagement rings.  Check out the rest of our website for a huge selection of engagement rings UK.