New York actor takes the plunge to win his beloved a solitaire diamond engagement ring


A Manhattan-based actor by the name of Stanley Brode proved his love for his girlfriend by plunging in to a pit of over 10,000 plastic balls. Brode, 26, did this to retrieve a stunning 1.23 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring, very similar to those on the Mad About Diamonds range.

Plastic apple earns the couple an exquisite solitaire diamond engagement ring...

Brode also beat nine other tuxedo-clad bachelors when diving into the diamond-shaped pit at Grand Central Terminal. He was after a plastic apple which entitled him to claim the diamond ring worth nearly ten grand!

The actor took less than one minute to beat out the other contestants, then he promptly dropped to one knee and asked girlfriend Jessalyn Maguire, 25, to marry him.

"This guy's got the golden touch," said his bride to be who is also an American actress. She promptly accepted his proposal and quipped; "It fits," So no need to even worry about resizing!

The Diamond Dig was staged by Topps, the Lower Manhattan baseball card company, to celebrate its diamond anniversary. 

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Posted by Charles Whitworth