Diamond Engagement Rings: Are people spending less?


A recent study by the XO Group would suggest that there is a significant change in the trends concerning diamond engagement rings. For example the survey would suggest that 53% of grooms personally prefer the round cut, but 30% opt for princess cut diamond engagement rings. Another key finding was that white gold engagement rings are the metal of choice for this year’s on trend couples.

A key feature of this study is that the poor economic climate has not forced the average groom to choose a cheaper ring. In fact only 14% of those surveyed said that had chosen a cheaper ring due to the economy.  This fails to take into account the size of the original budget. As we are now used to budgeting long-term, the initial budget for the diamond engagement ring, may not have been as high as a contemporary from three years ago.  This is supported by the finding that overall couples are spending on average £400.00 less on rings than in 2008.

At Mad About Diamonds we have a huge range of diamond engagement rings to suit all budgets. As all of our rings are handmade in our uk based workshops and we are online retailers, we accrue less overheads and pass these savings directly to our customers.  Our online ring creation facilities mean that if you find the princess cut diamond engagement ring of your dreams, you can choose the clarity, cut, colour and carat of the diamond. This allows you to tailor your ring to both your tastes and your budget.

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