Diamond Dress Rings: A dog swallows a whole pack of diamonds.


In the city of Albany, Georgia in America a jeweller who makes diamond dress rings (among other items), is now in possession of a ridiculously valuable mutt. The owner of the shop had gone to discuss rings with a couple in the storefront and had left four packets of diamonds on his desk. While he was busy discussing the merits of solitaire diamond engagement rings, his treasured pooch “Honeybun” had taken a fancy to one of the bags on his desk.

After the clients had left (perhaps with a beautiful shoulder set engagement ring!), the owner returned to his work in the back room and noticed one of the packets was missing. After a frantic search of the room, Honeybun approached wagging his tail and the jeweller reached the conclusion that the dog had swallowed the diamond. After a trip to the vets and an x-ray it was confirmed, after a day’s wait the gem was passed naturally without damage to it or Honeybun. An interesting fact about diamond dress rings is that on an x-ray only the metal fitting would show. This is because diamonds are comprised of carbon, which can only be recognised on x rays by the lack of an image.

Honeybun is not the first pampered pooch to have swallowed the gem of diamond dress rings this year. Back in March, a dog swallowed a three carat diamond worth an estimated £121500.00. Again, thankfully the diamond was passed without damage to the dog or the gem. In both instances the diamond was thoroughly sanitised and put back into manufacture.

Here at Mad About Diamonds, we personally craft all of our diamond dress rings. Just for your peace of mind, we don’t allow dogs in our workshops!

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