Diamond engagement rings: The first ALL diamond ring.


Diamond engagement rings are available in all shapes and designs from the unusual marquise diamond engagement rings to the very popular princess cut diamond engagement rings and there needs to be such a variety in order to fit with a range of different tastes and preferences. Recently a new style of diamond ring has been created, the ALL diamond ring!!

The Swiss jeweller, Shawish, has crafted the world’s very first all diamond ring, the ring is made entirely out of a huge 150 carat diamond, this includes the band itself which is usually made from a metal, such as platinum or gold. The ring has been valued at roughly $70 million (£44.2million). The ring truly is a beautiful work of art, Mohamed Shawish, president of Geneva-based Shawish Jewellery has commented on the creation noting that the conceptualisation was the easy part but building the ring was very difficult and took a lot of time, firstly the copyrights need to be obtained for the design, which took a year, following this the jewellery company had to purchase a special cutting machine in order to achieve the perfect circle for the band itself. Cutting into diamonds in the manner is risky business as diamonds are made of carbon which is a molecule that can alter; even the colour can change when cut.

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